Installed Plugins now saved in Cloud

This is very amazing to those who had a new computer, and can be bothered from reinstalling plugins, such as ICanimator or whatever. So thank you for helping this!

This change is redacted, as seen in the original post:

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Your profile has an inventory that keeps track of what you obtained from the library. Use it!

If you have hundreds of plugins in your inventory, delete the ones you don’t use to unclutter your inventory.

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There are several issues with the json parser for studio settings that are invisible until you look at the actual file. Additionally, there’s no way to delete keys currently as you can’t pass nil to the second argument of SetSetting.

Are these going to be changed or are we going to be forced to live with these issued and not have the ability to manually diagnose and correct them?


ooh another cool plugin update, you guys are on roll! lets get a little team create bug fixes next!

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Has this already saved my plugins cause my hard drive literally went bust a few hours ago and I’m gonna have to get a new one. I don’t want to have to reinstall in them

Always back up guys - you’ll regret it if you don’t :joy:

How would that work for plugins that have moderation action taken against them (i.e. backdoors)? We could find them useful for salvaging their respective .rbxm file’s source code.


This has been live for a while now, I believe the kinks are worked out. Sorry for the problems/scares with initial rollout.


Wondering if this is a result of making plugins run on the cloud.

Didn’t have any issues before it was moved to the cloud.

Whats up with all the new announcements beeing extremely goofy…

Great update, just used 2 hours re downloading all the plugins! looking forward to using it!


According to official release notes from some time ago, moderated plugins would be purged from your machine in a potential update. If you plan to store the source code of your favourite forbidden plugins, make sure to extract its respective .rbxm archive from %localappdata%\Roblox\InstalledPlugins.


I actually had a question about something related to this. In the ROBLOX Folder on my computer where Recent and Auto Saves are stores theres also an Installed Plugin Folder.

If I delete large files in there will those plugins be deleted? Also in the 621955678 and 1040148313 folder there is a InstalledPlugins Folder in there. If I delete anything in there will the be uninstalled or break?

Each of the file names in InstalledPlugins link to their respective asset IDs on the catalogue. These two numbers are the IDs of the users that have been logged in. From what I could deduce, their respective InstalledPlugins folders are the plugins that should show up only if that player is logged in.

If I delete anything in those folder what will happen? @VisualPlugin

Navigate into each folder. The plugins in that folder (look for the IDs) will be deleted.

But will deleting them remove them form Studio?

I believe so.

Asked for this a while ago and now we actually got it. Now all we need is a portable version of Studio.

Very nice, I dev on multiple computers a lot so this makes managing plugins a bit easier

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