Installed Plugins now saved in Cloud

Now the flag is reverted. Is the data back?

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Yup, it appears everything reverted back to normal.


How does this affect people who share a machine or use different accounts?

If my friend logs in, will all my plugins sync to their account too?

Will they all start deleting themselves if they already logged in to studio on a machine with different plugins?

Also, if I have different plugins on my laptop to my PC (because some plugins make trackpad life a little easier, but I can do the same thing quicker with my desktop PC mouse) will it forcably uninstall the ones that aren’t on both?


Thank you, Roblox. It’s been a pain every time I reinstall studio or reset my pc. Now, I don’t have to go catalog searching the plugins.

This is a great feature to add to the website. Especially for people like me, who aren’t always on the same computer all the time.

I’m curious to see if this will bring any side-effects to hot-swap plugin loaders and other localized plugin implementations.

Nevertheless, great update!

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Serious question: does this impact saving plugins to the local “Plugins” folder (R.Click object -> Save as local plugin)

I’m assuming not, but just to be safe!

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This will help so much since I have reinstalled Roblox Studio several times and I’ve had to get all the plugins again but with this update I won’t have to spend like 10 minutes doing that.

This is a great concept, I hope it gets re-enabled soon. This makes transferring devices so much easier, especially when you have a huge set of plugins you use. I just wish updates weren’t rolled back 2 hours after they came out, but I do get that there will be bugs so I can understand why.

I have multiple accounts I use Roblox Studio with. If I install a plugin with one account and then switch to an account that doesn’t have it, will it automatically delete the installed plugin from my hard drive?

I think there should be a way to disable this cloud-sync feature from Roblox Studio’s settings, as this can get annoying if it does do that.


I discovered by accident when checking for an undocumented limit that you could write gigabytes of settings and Studio wouldn’t complain (although be slow to open). Will there be any limits to the size of settings? One of my plugins may eventually have a use case to store ~750KB of data unless I figure out a better solution, and I don’t want to design it and suddenly realize the limit is something like 64KB or 256KB.


I actually got a new pc a couple of weeks ago and had to reinstall a lot of my plugins, never even installed all of them back just because of the hassle

I’m curious of what would happen if I were to log on to my other pc when this is re-enabled, would any plugins be overwritten ?

This is a long awaited feature. As I just got a new computer (and I haven’t used Studio on it yet), this makes it easier to move onto it.

Although it is down for a few weeks, I can wait through that :grinning:

Could this possibly be Optional?
I know I’m in the minority here, but this won’t work well for an Offline developer such as myself, though with the other newest update of requiring a login. . . Perhaps my point is moot.
Still, I would be happier if this was optional.


A list of other *somewhat* like-minded replies

Agreed, Each time I re-install windows or change a device I won’t need to install plugins as most of them are very hard to find.

This is very amazing to those who had a new computer, and can be bothered from reinstalling plugins, such as ICanimator or whatever. So thank you for helping this!

This change is redacted, as seen in the original post:

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Your profile has an inventory that keeps track of what you obtained from the library. Use it!

If you have hundreds of plugins in your inventory, delete the ones you don’t use to unclutter your inventory.

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There are several issues with the json parser for studio settings that are invisible until you look at the actual file. Additionally, there’s no way to delete keys currently as you can’t pass nil to the second argument of SetSetting.

Are these going to be changed or are we going to be forced to live with these issued and not have the ability to manually diagnose and correct them?


ooh another cool plugin update, you guys are on roll! lets get a little team create bug fixes next!

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