Installed Plugins now saved in Cloud

Which plugins you have installed, and whether or not they are enabled, is now stored in the Cloud.
The next time you start up Studio, these settings will be written to the cloud, tied to your login.
After that, they will be kept up to date in the cloud.
So if you move to a new machine and log in, your plugins will be installed and enabled as they were on your previous machine.

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Hey there - I’m a hip millennial just chillin, listening to my favorite tunes on Spotify and writin’ sick codez!

I wanted to give y’all the inside tip on some new hotness with Roblox Studio: your installed plugin settings are now saved to the cloud!

Hold on while I take a sip of my refreshing Coke Zero Sugar… Mmmm. Smooth clean taste!

Anyway, now when you move to a new machine, you won’t have to waste time updating the plugins to get them so-so rite like you like 'em. Naw, man: Studio does that for you! Guess that’s just more time for cool kids like us to pull on skinny jeans, watch YouTube and eat Avocado Toast.

And NOTHING goes with Avocado Toast like an ice cold Coke Zero Sugar! Am I right or am I RIGHT?!?!!? Up top!

Of course, for this to work you first have to sign in to your old Studio one last time to send those settings up into the cloud. After that, you’re golden!

MAN, all this excitement makes me thirsty! And you KNOW what I have to do now!! Time for a little visit to Coke Zero Sugar town, hombres!


Finally no need to re-download all my plugins when I reinstall windows. Amazing update.


This is so useful for people like myself who have plans to get a new computer and don’t want to to through the hassle of reinstalling and hunting down all your plugins.


Yes!! I’ve had to reinstall all my plugins at least 3 times. This will be a lifesaver!


I can’t tell if this is some sponsored product placement or a goofy staff member… Nice update though!


Perfect! Cuts down on me having to reinstall every single plugin I own.


Thank you, this is what i needed. I had to re-download all my plugins back after my computer decided not to work anymore and i had to wipe out everything.


Ah perfect! I was planning on making a sync utility for this. So glad it’s been implemented officially!


As a millennial, I feel personally attacked.

This is a welcome update though. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while.


So now we can’t use them if we are not connected to a network? I hope that’s not the case because there are times I am not connected. I’ll test it out to see.

Other than that, glad they update automatically, big improvement on that part.


For a moment, my brain didn’t properly process the announcement and a quick skim said “plugin settings are now saved to the cloud”. I was about to jump for joy and tell plugin developers to stop using my DataStores but alas it’s just an installation feature.

Appreciate it, I guess.


This sounds like a great update! It saves a lot of hassle when moving to a new machine.

However, I was wondering, if you currently have a different set of plugins installed on two machines, will all of the plugins be combined into one set in the first cloud save or will the set that is not on the machine you first sign into be overwritten?


When you say they will be kept up to date in the cloud, does that mean plugins we install will be automatically updated without our input? If so that’s mildly troublesome to know that something with so much control over our games can change what it does without our permission or ability to recheck its source before updating.

Eventhough this is a useful update for the people who are really careful on what they are downloading but this can cause worse things too, because of some bugs you have to reinstall the studio so the malicious plugin will be gone but with this update it will spread to all of the computers that you logged in instead of just removing it. I think saving the plugins should be an option.

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I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why my plugins don’t run in PlaySolo server/client :confused:


As a member of Gen Z, I really don’t care.

Nice feature, it’s a feature I’ve wanted for quite some time, great work guys!

Goofy staff member, for sure.
Mmm, still enjoying my refreshing Coke Zero Sugar!


It should work just like it did before: from session to session, we remember which plugins you have installed and whether or not they are enabled.

The only difference: previously this info was in a local file, now it’s stored in the cloud. So when you switch to a new machine you’ll still have the same plugins installed.


i hate to say it… but… i hate coke zero sugar

awesome update

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We are looking at providing web-based tools to nuke your saved settings, which would be the functional equivalent of force-uninstalling all plugins.