Installing a Directory from Github to Roblox Studio

So basically this sums it up. I want to install an entire directory with Lua files into Roblox Studio.

So like take this entire directory into Roblox studio. retract/src at main · daulric/retract · GitHub.

Note: I want to make an installation plugin and I need some assistant

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Only thing I could think of is using modules as that is the closest thing to a directory/libary and the closest you will get to changing Luau.

I have actually been working on a plugin that includes this as a feature. As long as the github repo is set up in the usual rojo style and has a wally.toml file in it, you can use my plugin for this. It is buggy atm as it is still in development but I think with a few tweaks I could get it working.

The way it would work is you’d just need to download the repo as a zip file and then use the browse files feature of the plugin to install it.

i will try that

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I like that but I want to create my own plugin that you install from the github repository

That does sound like something my plugin can do but if you’re really wanting to recreate that behaviour then I can direct you to some parts of the repo that would help you out.

The controller for this process is here - roblox-package-manager/PackageManager.lua at dev · McThor2/roblox-package-manager · GitHub, which uses a few open source libraries for unzipping (my fork of zzlib) and toml parsing (toml library).

The main file conversion is done here - roblox-package-manager/FileConverter.lua at dev · McThor2/roblox-package-manager · GitHub which is basically my very simplified version of what rojo & rbx-dom does.

i will check that out. thanks for the help

it seems like it can use the the File Converter.lua. I entered this path and I got this error

Can you show me how to use this module.

I’m using the file converter module and the virtual path module

If you want to get the files directly from GitHub then you’ll need to go through their api using HttpService. I think a suitable endpoint is the repo archive one - Repository contents - GitHub Docs

no i just want the contents of the files and the directory.

In order to get the files/contents of the repo you will need to either use the api or manually download them. If you look on the github api docs I linked there are multiple end points for getting various pieces of data.

just bumping this topic so i can get some clarification on how to install an entire directory with folders and files in roblox studio