Instead of replacing the entire folder in the chat system, what about only replacing modules so the rest updates automatically?

Basically, say you only changed one script, and it’s in a deep folder. Whenever you want to update the chat, you have to replace everything except that one script. That’s really cumbersome, so what if instead the replacement script thing only looks for modulescripts inside of folders and replaces ONLY THE SCRIPTS so that we can have that one script inside of the correctly named folders and all the other scripts load at runtime and are updated.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing. Hopefully you’ll all understand what i’m getting at here.

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Soon you will be able to replace modules in ChatModules and ClientChatModules individually. There will be a BoolValue indicating should the default modules be inserted or not. This way you will be able to update individual modules and have the other default modules still be inserted.



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