Int TeleportService:GetPlayersInServer(PlaceId, ServerCode)

When listing available servers for matchmaking, it is critical to know how many players are in each server.
This method would return the amount of players in the given server.

Simple as that.

But you could just constantly update Datastore and drain your very limited amounts of data-calls just to update each servers player amount!

I’ll probably do it from now, but a GetPlayersInServer method would be much more appreciated.


It doesn’t need to be refreshed rapidly, only when the information is requested, with a reasonable throttle of course. Be smart with your data caches and storage, and limits won’t be as big of an issue.

Lol ik, I’m sorry. It’s the way I speak XD

But really tho, you can’t deny a function like this would be much more convenient.

Of course not, but implementing things like this in C++ take time and testing to ensure it won’t crash anything. Roblox prefers to implement things that would be practically impossible to implement in Lua.
That’s not to say a feature like this won’t be considered, but there are other priorities they can focus on.