Internal Employee Policy Regarding Admin Badges

Hey Developers (and future staff members),

We want to bring to everyone’s attention an internal policy regarding staff badges and DevEx. We have an internal employee policy that admin badges cannot be used in conjunction with Roblox profiles associated with games monetizing on the platform. We don’t want to go into detail on the semantics of this policy, but we did want to mention one specific developer who was impacted by this change.

Some of you may have noticed that StickMasterLuke no longer has the admin badge on his profile. We want to first let you know that Luke is still an active Roblox employee in great standing here at the company. We value Luke’s contributions and this change is for consistency in our policy. Luke’s profile was previously grandfathered in as an exception to this policy however, as we grow as a platform and continue to attract masses of new players, we reassessed this and want to make sure this badge is not providing unfair advantage on the platform. Luke has been super helpful in these discussions and understands that we’re doing this to be fair to the community. This change in no way reflects any change of status with Luke in the community or at Roblox. Luke continues to be a stellar member of both. Kudos to Luke for working through this with us.

Developer Relations Team


Survive the removal of badge disaster

(On topic: Seems like a fair policy to have and I hope to see other projects made by employees as well)


Underground Admin Clash -Perfected-

I also think this is a great idea. Nice work.



also how did this give him an advantage?

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Being an admin gives you a “famous” status with the community. I think they don’t want people buying things or doing special things because he is an admin. I’m sure it happens. They just want to give everyone an equal playing ground and a developer with an admin bad isn’t very equal.

He was a great developer before he was an admin regardless. Made a few classic games on ROBLOX.


famous status
everyone will try to bug you and stuff

there’s a lot of things to be listed. but its good that at least they wont get a bunch of attention so that way… yeah idk what im saying

So what’s stopping admins from making other accounts and hosting their games and making money on those?


Nothing, this change was meant to separate admin accounts and accounts that monetize.


Pre - TL;DR The badge should not have to be removed from an Admin’s developer account if he/she wants to monetize on that account. Even if stickmasterluke is okay with the decision, I personally don’t see how it is just. This opinion applies to all admins, not just stickmasterluke. However, I use stickmasterluke as the examples since he is the main topic of this post.

While many may be okay with this decision or even agree with it in general, I completely oppose of the decision.

First off, I want to mention that this decision completely ruins the point of the badge. If you go to the Roblox Badges page then you would see that the description of the badge is:

While this may not be the FULL reason, it is a HUGE reason for the badge. Many people impersonate Roblox Admins, for instance, and this badge signifies anyone who is truly a Roblox Admin. Without this badge, stickmasterluke may go into a game with his yellow chat color and Roblox Admin image on playerlist (due to the fact that he is in the Roblox Admins group) and many people may become confused if they go to his profile and see he doesn’t have the official verification indicator that he is a Roblox Admin. This may lead to confusion among players as:
-new players who don’t know the story and background of stickmasterluke may heckle him for impersonating an Admin
-older players who DO know the background of stickmasterluke may try to contact Roblox in regards of this.
Although this post is public doesn’t explain the full reason for so and still leads to confusion.

Another reason is that stickmasterluke is still in the Roblox Admins group (and do not remove him…). Given the fact that the Roblox Admin badge got removed from his profile may confuse people even more since he is in the group. And if the purpose of removing the Admin badge is to prevent people from playing his games due to the fact that he is an Admin is completely silly and absurd. Here are some examples why:
-Like I said, he is still in the group. This means that people may get confused as to whether or not he is an Admin or impersonator.
-People look at a person’s groups more than they do looking at Roblox badges (this is getting data from experience and asking friends).
-If stickmasterluke were to go into a game given the fact that he has the yellow chat color and admin icon on playerlist, people would be more incited to go to his profile in the first place than if they wandered onto his profile given the chance they wouldn’t even find the badge in the first place.

Thirdly, most players play games they find on the Games page, through ads/sponsors, links, tweets, etc. I’ve personally have never played a Roblox Admin’s game solely based on the fact that they are an Admin, but instead because the games looked cool or I have already played the game through other means. Most players don’t go to the Admins group or to the Roblox twitter and find all the Admins they can in order to play their games and contribute R$ to the Admin. I’ve never seen this. But, given there is a CHANCE it may happen, this number is most likely low. However, I do agree with what @FearMeIAmLag said in the DevForums Discord server:
“not gonna lie, if I was like 10 I’d play an admin’s game just because it was an admin game and I wanted to meet them and thought I had a chance in their own game”
But, like I said, this number is probably low and does not compare to the millions of Roblox players. Plus, most players like that barely have any Robux in the first place to contribute (not being rude, it’s just the sad truth of being NBC :man_shrugging: )

Also, saying that a Roblox Admin will receive more R$ and visits due to the fact that they are an Admin is like saying that a famous developer will receive more place visits and R$ because they were in an event. That’s just how it is. Getting your name out there is a challenge, and stickmasterluke most likely got his name out there in more ways than JUST being an Admin (for instance, he made a development tutorial a while back on the Roblox YouTube channel). Also, Badimo receives so many visits and R$ not because they are famous developers (they were somewhat lesser-known than before Jailbreak) but because their game is good (in a development standpoint and according to the playerbase). Therefore, players most likely play stickmasterluke’s Disaster Survival because they like the game, not because he is a Roblox Admin.

All-in-all, this decision is stupid and should not be a policy. I am not suggesting alternatives, and if Luke is fine with the decision, then so be it. But, I find it best to use one account for everything as that one account will have all the person’s legacy items (Limited, Egg Hunt eggs, Place Visits, etc.) and an Admin should not be punished just because they want to be a developer along with them working at Roblox.

Note: While I mentioned the Roblox Admin group, I am not suggesting kicking him out. Instead, I am suggesting to revert the decision of removing the Roblox Admin badge. I decided to make this note because some people may get confused.

TL;DR I strongly hate the idea and the policy should not be in place.


Ye, I know a few employees without the admin badge but games/whatever


This isn’t a new change… I don’t know why some people here think it is.

Anyways, my personal opinion is 50/50 on this one. Without either directly knowing the person, or been on their profile prior to the badge being removed. You’d never know they are staff.

Whilst I understand the “unfair advantage” with popularity, I really don’t think that’d be the case all that much. There’s tons of staff who are completely unknown, the badge isn’t some magical thing that promotes fame.

Still, I understand why this is in place.


You do know that roblox admins have an admin account as well as any number of developing accounts right


Yes. It happens, such as Merely. But, employees shouldn’t be FORCED to make the decision if they can’t do anything in terms of development on their main account.


Yes, but this is probably because of this policy. My argument is that they shouldn’t HAVE to make that decision and if they want, they can use JUST one account.

Also, yes, I know this isn’t a new change. This is just a recent post that brought it to my attention.

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Yeah I do find it weird alright. Ah well.

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This is mainly about monetization, making money, not developing. The reason he lost the badge is because he’s profiting off of the site, and the users. Not because he has a popular game. They don’t want the badge to influence users to give him more money because of his admin status.

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Exactly what I debated. Where are the statistics that he is making more money because he is an Admin?

Edit: Obviously, I have no statistics saying that players DON’T play an Admin’s games because he/she is an Admin, much like there is probably no statistic saying that players DO play an Admin’s game because he/she is an Admin. It all just depends on the player and his/her motive to play a game and contribute to it. Most likely, they don’t even look at the creator when they find a game. (I’m getting this from people I talk to and just generalities).

Edit 2: Plus, majority of my debate was to argue the fact that Admins shouldn’t be FORCED to make separate accounts if they want to monetize. It just doesn’t make sense in my personal opinion. And, yes, most of this is a personal opinion and I don’t expect it to be taken 100% professionally, yet I do hope that Roblox Admins will read the debate and give me their feedback as to EXACTLY how they came to the conclusion and what the statistics are.

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So both group games and games with no monetization are exempt?


Why exactly is this being argued?

Seems to me he’s fine with it. Not sure why people are upset.


Someone with a badge has an advantage over someone without a badge. Literally the entire point of the badge is to make one person appear more legitimate. This can’t not affect that person’s success.