"Internal Server Error" When Applying for Jobs

Reproduction Steps

I am currently using Opera GX. I’ve also been able to reproduce this on Chrome and Edge.

  1. Find a job on the Talent Hub that you’re interested in
  2. Click “Apply”
  3. Submit
  4. You will be met with an “Internal Server Error” message.

Expected Behavior

The application should be submitted without issue

Actual Behavior

You’re met with an “Internal Server Error” message


Issue Area: Talent Hub
Page URL: https://talent.roblox.com
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Update: Now it says I’m unqualified for the Talent Hub, when I’ve had access for months?


I’ve also been experiencing this for 1-2 days now. Happens 100% of the time.


This has also happened but it’s harder to reproduce

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Having the same problem on both Chrome and Brave browser.

  • Inbox does not load
  • Error internal server when applying for jobs
  • user profiles not loading

I tired clearing all the browser data but that fixed nothing.

I assumed this would have been fixed by now have had the problem for 3 days now.


The Talent Hub has been extremely slow and I also cant apply for any jobs as of right now.


I have also been having this issue for the entire week. I can’t apply for any jobs at all.


Same here, I was finishing a whole optional message, and I got an internal server error then ate my whole message. That was kinda annoying.
Edit: I was sending the application without texting an optional message, and it end up successfully. But it doesn’t come up in my inbox.


any roblox engineers able to fix this? jobs open and close very fast around this time of the year if they are good. :confused:

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Can confirm that bug continues to persist for both applicants and job posters.

Created a post and I’m unable to view applicants and messages on the TalentHub.


I’ve been getting this also, also when I try to apply for a job it wont let me even when I’m verified.

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I’ve been getting that as well, everytime I apply for a job it happens, very annoying!


I also have this problem. Sometimes, I can’t even click the “apply” button


The Talent Hub appears to be completely broken right now ,hopefully they get staff on it fast

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nvm, I was able to apply for a job.
Is this fixed?

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It goes through if you don’t type anything in the optional message box but I don’t think the person hiring is still able to see applications.


In my video here I was unable to apply at all though?

Okay so I have made some self-testing report about this issue, there’s what I got.

I posted a job from my secondary account called @MEndermanM, it got approved recently, and this is what I posted and the links.

It is amazing for Roblox staff to approve this job but anyways, I used my main account @Dr_Fontanez to apply for this job myself.

At first, I experienced the same issue with @DarkPixlz, clicking the “Apply” button doesn’t work.
But seems that was not a serious problem, cause it can be related to the Job Creator’s Creator Page is visible to the public or not. When I turn on Visible to public with @MEndermanM, this issue will be done.
But that doesn’t mean I think it’s not a bug, this should remind the hirer to turn on Visible to public, or fix the issue.

About applying for jobs, as expected, I cannot apply for my job with an optional message included but excluded. just like what I got before, it does apply but not showing on my inbox.

From the perspective of the Job Creator, it also does not get any notifications for me. Even in the inbox, I refreshed multiple times, and it is still not getting any applications for that.

That is a massive bug with the web, not the browser I can be sure.



The system working.

It seems the system is fixed when I writing this report, it was around 2 pm, and the inbox is working again! Cheers!

Also, after the system is back to normal, all the applications are quacked out at the same time. Even the application you made weeks, and the application you sent with optional messages.


The system is not working again.

Yeah, the system is going down again, for this time I’ll continue to search for help from Roblox. This bug is serious that some people cannot apply for jobs.

All the applications in Job Creator’s inbox are disappeared, though I can still text, I can’t receive further applications. Jobs applying have the same issue before.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be solved

Right, thank you for reporting the situation. I have updated my posts.

After that, I’m reopening the job for calling Roblox’s attention, hope that will work.

Ive been having the same error. I’d assume its something wrong with the website itself as we are all getting it roughly the same time. I would just report it to roblox and hopefully they fix it soon.