Intro Screen Uploading

Anyway I could import this into roblox and play it in game as an intro screen?

These are the current requirements to upload videos to Roblox:

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you can convert the video into multiple image frames, then upload it to roblox and you can just play the video by showing the frames in an ImageLabel in order using a loop that repeats every x second (x depends on the number of frames; if the FPS is 25, x will be 0.04 because x = 1/FPS)

local ContentProvider = game:GetService("ContentProvider") -- needed for loading

local Image = -- replace this as the path to the ImageId/Decal

local frames = {} -- inside the array should be the image ids of each frame in order
local framesPerSecond = 25 -- change this to the FPS you desire; in this example, the fps is 25

ContentProvider:PreloadAsync(frames) -- loading the image ids

for frameOrder, frameImageId in ipairs(frames) do
    Image.Image = frameImageId

for Decals just change Image.Image to Image.Texture

i recommend checking this resource out

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nvm i just saw it costs 2000 robux :frowning_face:

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You might buy one video for 2000 robux but that’s much.

An alternate way, you can split video in several frames, import them using bulk method and Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V each frame into table in the correct order and playback them via iterate.