Video uploads [Beta]: Add short-form video to your experience

Hello Developers!

Today, we are announcing the beta release of short-form video uploads, accessible to ID-verified developers that are 13+. Now, you can make your experiences more engaging by adding videos up to 30 seconds long. Use it for cutscenes, background décor, or tutorials to take immersion to a deeper level.

Cutscene, Background detail, Tutorial

Here’s how to get started with video:

  • Your account must be 13+ and ID-verified
  • Enable the “Video Uploads” beta feature in Roblox Studio
  • Your videos must be 30 seconds or less
  • You can upload 3 videos every 30 days (refreshes 30 days after your first upload)
  • Each video upload requires 2000 Robux

To learn more, please check out our documentation on video uploads.

Uploaded videos can be placed in an experience via VideoFrame class. We’re actively working on additional VideoFrame performance improvements, including increasing the maximum number of playable VideoFrames at once.

If you have any feedback, feature requests, or encounter any bugs with video uploads or VideoFrames, please share them below, and feel free to tag me — @phri — on your post!

Thank you.


Click here to view the FAQ! (Updated on April 2, 2024)

Why does my account need to be ID-verified to upload video?

  • All video uploads must be tied to an ID-verified account to increase accountability and ensure the safety of video on Roblox. Check out our Help Center to learn more about our ID verification and privacy policies.

Will you lower the video upload fee?

  • We are always assessing where we can pass along additional savings to developers on Roblox. As video uploads evolve, we will continue to look into adjusting the fee structure but do not have anything planned at this time. To ensure we provide the best quality video to as many users and upload access to as many devs as possible, the video upload fee reflects the cost of providing video on Roblox.

Why can I only upload 3 videos per month?

  • We allow three video uploads a month in order to ensure that video is accessible to all developers at a high quality of service while still providing a reasonable moderation time. We do not currently have plans to change the monthly quota for video uploads, but we are exploring expanding this at some point in the future.

What about 60+fps videos?

  • Our engine dynamically adjusts to ensure the best performance across devices. Uploading at 120fps won’t increase the overall game engine’s frame rate to match video playback. For video uploads, we recommend uploading 1920x1080 at 60 fps.

What about alpha channel (transparency)?

  • At this time, we do not preserve alpha channel (transparency) for video uploads. If you attempted to upload video with alpha channel and were dissatisfied with the result, we recommend reaching out to Customer Support.

Will video be supported on Creator Marketplace?

  • We’re exploring how to best support video in the Creator Marketplace, but we don’t have concrete details to share yet. The upload fee and fee structure may change in the future, especially as this feature evolves, and we will keep you updated on any future developments.

Are the videos in 4k? Can this be used for decals?

  • We accept 4K video uploads, but our systems transcode the video to lower resolutions to ensure the best performance during playback. This is similar to how decal/image uploads support 8000x8000 but are downsized to 1024x1024 for their highest quality. The ideal video format is 1920x1080 at 60 fps.

Do videos have an audio track? Can I have a property to situationally play them? Can I control playback quality?

  • You can upload videos with or without an audio track. We currently support 0 or 1 audio tracks on a video. For the other features/ideas you mentioned, please make sure to file a feature request since we do not currently offer these capabilities.

Will there be a copyright detection system? Will we be able to upload videos longer than 30 seconds in the near future?

  • Yes, we do have a copyright detection system. Please do not upload videos that you do not own as your video may be rejected and your upload fee will not be refunded. We eventually want to expand support to videos of longer duration but do not currently have a timeline.

Can I upload videos in any language?

  • Currently, a video’s audio and text (if applicable) must be in English. However, we are looking to expand support to other languages as soon as we can.

What are the rules for video uploads?

  • There are no new rules for video uploads. Just like image and audio uploads, your video must be appropriate, in line with our Terms of Use and Community Standards, and respect the intellectual property rights of others. Your video cannot contain any personally identifiable information.

  • For additional guidance, please consult the Roblox Terms of Use and the Roblox Community Standards.

What if my video is rejected?

  • If your video is rejected and you believe that decision is incorrect, you can appeal through our normal appeals process. If we determine that it was correctly rejected and does not abide by our Community Standards or Terms of Service, the 2000 Robux will not be refunded, and the rejected video will count towards your monthly quota of 3 videos. Please upload wisely.

Why did it take several years to release video uploads?

  • Video uploads, while seemingly simple on the surface, require a lot of complexity when thinking about safety and scale. We wanted to ensure that what we provided would be as powerful and safe as possible.

Where did the current video uploads requirements come from?

  • These requirements were designed to get video uploads into the hands of as many developers as possible while ensuring safety and scalability. However, we are constantly assessing our requirements and they may change over time.

What is the ideal video file to upload?

  • The ideal video format is 1920x1080, 60 fps. At this time, VideoFrames will never be displayed in any resolution higher than 720p.

What are the min/max requirements for a video file?

  • Must be an .mp4 or .mov
  • 30 seconds in duration
  • 120 frames per second
  • Maximum file size of 375 MB
  • Minimum resolution of 160x160
  • Maximum resolution of 4096x2160
  • Resolution height and width must be divisible by 2

How many videos can I play at once? Is it still two?

  • At this time, for performance reasons, only up to two videos can be played simultaneously on a client. We are making improvements to allow for more than two videos in the near future.

Do Video assets use Asset Privacy? Can I distribute my Video asset on the Creator Marketplace?

  • Videos do indeed use the same Asset Privacy system as Audio assets. At this time, Video assets cannot be distributed via the Creator Marketplace.

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Excellent! I’ve been waiting for this feature for quite a while now.

Would that change in the future? What I ask is if the price will progressively go down until it goes free of charge or will it behind a paywall for “eternity”. Because currently you would easily be able to replicate this behavior by using Viewport Frames right?

I certainly hope that this will be a temporary otherwise making a video for something that might already be on the marketplace would be waste of money

In conclusion I surely hope that this feature will improve game quality and development in general. This will also significantly improve certain aspects of games, (such as TVs and Graphical Interface Formats for in-game advertisments.


Are there any plans to decrease the cost of uploading short-form videos to experiences to help smaller developers?


Why ID verified? Does this include phone verification? I want to use this so bad, but I don’t have a valid ID.


can’t wait to watch full length movies in roblox games


The wait is over,
but not for Phone verified??? zzzzzzzz

aside from requirements, i wouldn’t complain on the first beta release here so to not spice it up along with other ppl, would be nice to have a limit extended for Phone-verified same as Audio without robux on releases, don’t wanna spend 492740 of robux to enhance my game here.


Might want to change the 2000 robux per video to something a bit more higher such as 10,000 robux. I feel like roblox deserves the money.


Automatically useless with the ID-verified part… not many devs are ID verified (due to multiple reasons) - not to mention, ID verification isnt a valid option in some countries as others have stated when ID verification was released…

and nobody is gonna pay that just for a video…

It’d be easier & cheaper to do images with audio :skull:


For privacy and security reasons I can’t ID verify my account. How long until this feature is made available to all developers?


Eh 2000 robux ? Na, this doesn’t sound that good. For uploading game trailers, roblox charges 500 robux and for cutscenes 2000 robux ? I completely get that trailer and cutscenes are completely different but the effort put into both can sometimes be real exhausting. 2000 robux is just too expensive.


2000 Robux for a five second video teaching the user how to jump??
A lot of people have been waiting for this update for so long, but after reading the requirements I’m honestly quite disapointed… Well, its still a beta feature and has just released so hopefully in the future things will change, specially in the cost department.


It’s likely to prevent a large influx of people uploading 300mb videos to Roblox, which costs money. Game trailers are hosted on YouTube, Roblox just has to host the link.


This sounds like a great idea that will improve development on Roblox tenfold. However, I do have some questions.

Will there be a copyright detection system? I can already see how this can be problematic with people uploading clips from copyrighted music videos or movies. Also, will we be able to upload videos longer than 30 seconds in the near future?


does this mean i can create tiktok on roblox??


i mean the idea is cool, just a bit too strict on the guidelines.

2000 robux doesn’t really seem noob developer friendly and the 3 videos every 30 days seems too long for just 30 seconds.

i hope that changes soon



I have one question, it is supporting 120 fps video, but Roblox usually runs at 60 fps. How will 120 fps video played in normal Roblox? Is it needed to unlock fps (in FastFlag editing)?

Sorry for my bad English.


I am not ID verified, but I am still able to upload videos. I think if you are phone number verified, you can still upload.


It’s verified because they have the capability of actually banning you if you upload bad things, or forwarding your info to the authorities if necessary in extreme cases.

Uploading videos for the general player base would just get spammed with very unsavory things through bots.


Does .mov uploading support alpha channels?