Studio Beta. It's For Everyone!


Yes, it’s a wonderful day to be a Roblox Developer Like it is everyday, right… RIGHT?!?. Today, I am excited to invite you all to check out our Beta Features program from directly inside of Studio.

No longer will you need to sign up to our Beta Tester program to see the latest features. Instead, go to File > Beta Features and enable any Beta Features you wish to check out. The informational icon will send you to a DevForum Post if there is one available. Not all of them will have one. Below, I have delivered the best video of all time, to show you how to navigate to the latest Beta Features.

But wait, there’s more…

As time goes on you may see us post on the DevForum Announcements thread with a [BETA] in the title. This probably means you will need to enable it via this method.

Below this line I have listed out two VERY IMPORTANT READMEs, or three.

  1. It’s a bug that the informational icon appears for Beta Features that don’t have DevForum posts. We have an issue internally to resolve this.
  2. You may not have all the features available your friend has. I promise this is not favoritism (in most cases). It probably means we are testing this Beta Feature out on a limited set of users that signed up for our original Beta Tester program. We will not announce Beta Features unless they are available to all of you.
  3. Some Beta Features need your Studio instance to be restarted, some don’t. The pop-up will appear for every single one just to remind you.

ALRIGHT, and that about wraps it up. Go on you, have a wonderful life and enjoy those Beta Features.

Huge shout-out to the two wonderful people that made this happen, @CycloneUprising and @wengawenga

its a wonderful day isn’t it?


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So, everyone has beta? Seems legit!

I’m addition, mind leaking what kind of updates might happen in the future to the bata program? :smirk:

rip beta program thread :disappointed: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:


The beta window is out of beta. Haha-larious.

Beta window is definitely more appreciated for the sake of selective opting in and out to various features available for Studio. Became less exclusive when the DevForum became open and honestly these kinds of features best be enjoyed and tested by the masses for hearty results.

So anyway, about that nice day… dunno, looks pretty cloudy… where are my attributes? :triumph:


Very exciting news and it is really encouraging to see the Beta Features becoming more easily available to everyone as it will definitely lead to better improvements on the platform.


So does this mean the original reply-to-the-beta-thread-and-we’ll-add-you method is being kept as-is? Or is that method ending, but the list of users is still being kept for use of certain limited features?

Overall, I’m excited to see more functionality being baked directly into Studio. Nice job team!


Now we can have a better developer feedback on Beta Features within Roblox Studio. :clap:
Q - Wasn’t it already released some days/week ago?


Probably not, I’d expect the beta topic to be still used for the website features that are still in beta.

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Look at the second point, it seems to suggest that certain beta features may only be accessible to those who originally signed up for the beta program, others won’t have them until an announcement has been made about them.

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This is almost accurate, but only applies to Studio, and that’s only part of the beta features.

AFAIK people will still need to sign up using the Beta Tester program to have things like 200 player servers available to them and other early-access website features.


I don’t really get why you created this topic, I am not in Beta Tester Program but I have been using some beta features for about a month already. I had them enabled same way you showed us here.

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Sometimes they enable features but announce them a lot later. Remember, the ForceField material was out for like a month or two before they announced it.

Very logical as beta features were actually already open to everyone; you just needed to be a new member which required a little browsing. From this update, I understand that all beta features will now be more stable, considering more people will start using them.

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This is better than the old one, people don’t wait it to get accepted in the beta topic! Loved the features though! : D

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That’s great to hear, I was wondering how long my request would take, and I think it’s good for non dev forum members too


Really exciting to see this finally being announced and considered operational. The ability for users to opt-in and out of select beta features at will is a huge win for the community. Keep up the awesome work!

I have access to 200 servers and the likes, as I originally signed up via the beta testing thread. Does this mean I’m in the original program?

Yeah, so basically @buildthomas said :

So the beta testing stuff still exists but is more open for roblox studio.

I know, I’m just asking if they can tell us what might come next.