Introducing Asset Manager Moderation Status Icons

Hey developers,

We’re excited to announce that Asset Manager now displays the moderation status of your assets. Assets that are pending moderation will display a white wheel icon, and assets that have failed moderation will display a red exclamation mark icon.

Asset Manager Icon View:


Asset Manager List View:


Video Demonstration:

More moderation information in Asset Manager has been a highly requested feature, so we hope this update is a great first step. If one of your assets has failed moderation, you can always submit a moderation appeal form here: Support - Roblox.

We welcome your comments and feedback!


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Thank you, we have been needing this for a long time. Will this propagate to other users in a team create session?


It’s time this feature comes around, this will heavily help out knowing what assets moderation status is without having to locate every single asset to replace or not knowing the asset is moderated.

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This is a great new feature. I think this is a great step in the right direction, although it doesn’t appear to cover when an upload is denied and your account is given a warning or punishment. I’d love to see Studio become aware of when this happens, like an error message allowing us to view info about the punishment (or “bad utterance”) and reactivate our accounts within Studio, or a redirect to the Roblox site to read the warning details. It would also be great if we could get a link to the appeal form from within Studio as well for users who aren’t aware of how that process works.


This feature might require extra work as from my experience you will be kicked out of any team creates if your account is moderated, which is indeed quite annoying.


Does this update also disable (or fix) the ‘asset preview’ option on moderated assets, as I’ve noticed this option causes the AssetManager to error and become unresponsive, requiring a Studio restart to restore it.


Thanks alot! I sometimes wonder why my assets stop working, and then waste time to see they are moderated so this will be helpful

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Everything is going to be showing the moderated icon considering the fact Roblox moderates 75% of images I upload. Either way this is an amazing new feature that I’ve been needing for a while now.

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Next is to update roblox moderation…


It’s great to see some work put toward communicating moderation status in a more clear manner. This is a very common pain point for developers.

It would be even more awesome if a task to improve asset moderation icons on the website in general could be pushed on in addition to these improvements. This is one of those things that nobody wants to bother with because it doesn’t sound high impact or particularly exciting, but that just means it will get pushed to “later” forever, while new developers struggle to understand what’s going on and the current icons degrade the website experience.


Would be nice if we could create folders in asset manager. Would help organizing stuff without having to rely on renaming stuff alphabetically so if we want to handle all moderated stuff some other time, we could do so with ease. It gets out of hand once there are more than a handful of assets to scroll through


Very nice improvement! Above all, moderation has become clearer and easier to understand in Studio.



Pls add this support to toolbox also as some are using mesh importer with alot of textures


This is a very useful update! Finally, I don’t have to go to the website to see if it’s my shoddy internet or it’s a moderation thing. Do the icons update when the asset’s moderation status is updated?


Cool. Studio gain more thing everyday… David speak about QoL update… We are in!


Your video is broken. I can’t play it on Google Chrome


I also had trouble playing it, just download the video at the 3 dots & delete it again after watching.

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fire icons not a very bad update

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If he made the assets that were inserted into the game. The assets may have been published to Roblox which means the game doesn’t have to be published for inserted assets because it’s not what he inserted into the game to cause him to be moderated. It was the assets that was uploaded.

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