Introducing Bluff_006!

What’s going on everyone?

My name is Bluff_006 and I am stoked to be joining the Developer Relations team as a Developer Advocate!

You will be seeing a lot of me on the Devforum so please don’t be shy - I want to hear from YOU! Whether it’s improvements to certain features, or you just want to say hi.

As you can probably tell from my very cool avatar… I love anything that has to do with being a spy whether that’s watching the Bond or Mission Impossible flicks, playing Splinter Cell, or being the Sheriff in Murder Mystery 2.

Side note: I always found it hilarious that James Bond always used his real name… So much for being a secret agent. Because of this, I thought my hat was a cool touch.

Outside of being a wannabe James Bond, you’ll find me binging all sorts of movies. I love movies so much that a couple of years ago at the Toronto International Film Festival (also known as TIFF), I watched 20 movies in 4 days.

Did I have a headache for a week? YUP but it was worth it.

Aside from movies, I’m trying out new video games that I normally wouldn’t play, and reading comics that aren’t the typical superhero storylines. If you have any recommendations, please share!

I’m really excited to get to know you and this community, so HMU if you have any questions or just wanna chat!

Peace :v:



Welcome to the team!!! (Btw did you know that your hat totally blows your cover?)


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i am mr government, please watch this mandatory video



I’m going to lost it if one of you posts the spongebob video

Some questions;

  • If you could change Roblox forever with one thing, what would it be?
  • PC or Premium?
  • Talent Hub or #collaboration?

I’m happy bc you have a trust level so ppl cant post that stupid megamind meme
and @ValiantWind i thought we were friends :cry:


Welcome to the forum! I am glad to see another TV fanatic


Jazzed to have you on the team! :saxophone:


Welcome to the DevForum.

We’re all happy to have you here.


This is something to celebrate, 10 replies and no welcome to the club video :tada:

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Glad to see a spy on the team and welcome to devforum

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Welcome to devforum. It’s a great place.



hello mister, i would like to say one thing to you


Sorry to ruin your celebration but…. are you sure about that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Welcome, welcome, @Bluff_006!

Cannot wait to see you more properly with tons of topics bringing cool announcements about features, etc!

We need to schedule some time to chat up!

Also, I have some little questions for ya, what are your favorite music genres? On a scale of 1-10, how much you are excited to work at DevRel (Developer Relations) as a Developer Advocate?

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Welcome to the DevForum :happy3:

friend I am very proud that you are in the developer relations team :roblox: :wink:

Why are you trying to ruin tradition? You will send us all into a meaningless existence if you stop the Welcome videos…. BEWARE…

@Bluff_006 welcome to the club! I love your outfit. I made a movie with my cousins a few years ago called “The 9 Year-Old Spy.”

P.S It was horrible.

Hello, welcome to Roblox! Now for the most important question of your career, what is your snack of choice from the Roblox HQ snack rooms?


Welcome, so, so many new DevRel members! I’d love to see what you bring to the platform!

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Welcome to our cluuub! Welcome to our cluuub! Welcome Bluff, welcome Bluff, welcome Bluff!

Welcome Bluff, sadly we cant make CD/DVD jokes like we did with @DVDsarestillcool but happy to have you!!