Introducing Builder Font + Deprecating Gotham and Arial

I built my new game entirely on this font since development started on it only a few days before this was released.

Since release, I’ve had to change my font away from BuilderSans because a lot of Roblox clients still don’t have this font available and it would completely break their client.

If you have a game that is using this font (or the Enums related to this font), please be sure to check your Error report.



Will this font be pre-installed into clients? If I use custom fonts currently, the player has to download them from the website upon runtime. Is this download avoidable if I use the Builder font?

I would also like to bring up how this font is not in the default drop-down choices in Studio when selecting a FontFace.

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This doesn’t answer ANY of our questions. Keep missing, Roblox. :roll_eyes:

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The remaining last few clients which didn’t contain the new font should be forced to upgrade since yesterday. Let us know if you’re still running into this.

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Does this effect the fonts in the script editor because im dyslexic af and i literally cant use any other font that isnt Arial

Where to download the fonts to your system?

Aside from needing to navigate to the fonts in your Rōblox installation, I put the fonts on GitHub. Builder Sans (but not the Extended or Mono varieties) is included here.

the flat shapes are usually a design choice, as well as the gap in \y\

you can find them in Inter as well:

though they’re much more noticeable in Builder Sans:

I do agree that there are some inconsistencies in the typeface though

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No, the script editor in Studio is unaffected. It uses fonts installed on your local computer.

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Does this mean I could set the font to Segoe UI on my script editor?

Yeah, go to File → Studio Settings → Script Editor tab → Font and then you can set it to any system font like Segoe UI, Consolas, etc. There is a similar setting under the Studio tab for the output window font.

The reason this is supported is because the font setting is device-local, so there is no concern about fonts not displaying correctly on other devices which don’t have the same fonts installed.

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What will happen with Legacy when Arial is removed. Will it be Arimo but 50% larger?

Will this be replaced by Arimo in the future?

Yeah, it will be Arimo but 50% bigger. It should look almost identical. And it will affect this dialog message as well.

Start off by rendering Arimo instead of Arial in Enum.Font and Monserrat instead of Gotham in Enum.Font. Script Editor example shown below:

--[[ Script Editor shows a squggly red line and in when hovering over it it will 
show Enum.Font.Gotham is deprecated. Use Enum.Font.Monserrat instead.
For Arial it will do the same but this time it will say:
 Enum.Font.Arial is deprecated. Use Enum.Font.Arimo instead.
local Font = Enum.Font.Arial -- shows squiggly line
-- Instead write this:
local Font = Enum.Font.Arimo
-- The same goes for Monserat and Gotham below.
local Font = Enum.Font.Gotham --shows squiggly line
-- Instead write this
local Font = Enum.Font.Monserrat --shows squiggly line
There is gonna be a warning in the Developer console saying its getting 
removed and turning into a Error when the time comes.

Hints and Messages are definitely affected too, Right?
Message Example below:
Hint Example Below:

Everything that uses Arial (and I think Legacy) will be affected.

This looks the most simular to Gotham. This could be added as a replacement font for Gotham…

Personally, I think it looks a bit corporate, and I’m not sure why they have to remove the other ones. Gotham and Arial are very iconic and popular fonts.

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I posted this question before but didn’t get an answer;

If I use fonts that I have to download from the toolbox, these have to be downloaded at run time for players that don’t have them downloaded, correct? If I use Builder font, is it pre-downloaded into the files for all players? Would that technically save on loading speeds?

The answer is a little complicated unfortunately.

If you use Enum.Font.BuilderSans or one of the other 3 Enum.Font values, then it will be pre-downloaded. If you use Font.fromName("BuilderSans") with Regular, Medium, Bold, or ExtraBold weights, then it will be pre-downloaded.

If you use Thin, Light, or SemiBold then these will be downloaded from the cloud. This applies to both RichText and the Font constructors.

If you installed Builder Sans from the creator marketplace, and set it via the Studio properties panel UI, it will set it to the equivalent of Font.fromId(16658221428) rather than Font.fromName("BuilderSans"). This will require some metadata to be downloaded before the font can be used - this is a small JSON file (The same file exists in the client’s data files as content/fonts/families/BuilderSans.json). Once the JSON file is downloaded, the client will then load the rest of the fonts in the same way as the other methods (4 pre-downloaded, 3 from cloud).

One of the things we’re looking to improve is making is so setting the font from the UI will have the same behavior as setting it from a script.

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