Introducing Bulk Audio Importing in Studio!

Hey developers!

Today, we are extremely excited to announce that we have given audio uploading a serious makeover. This makeover has two notable changes:

  • Importing audio assets can now be done directly in Studio
  • Importing audio assets can now be done IN BULK!

Where can I find this feature?

Importing audio files has been added to the existing bulk import workflow of images and meshes. In the Asset Manager, you can trigger the importing workflow and select multiple audio files from the file picker along with any images and meshes you wish to import.

Once you have selected audio files, you will be shown a dialog and asked to accept the upload fees prior to confirming the import. In this dialog, you will be able to see per asset costs as well.


Once import is confirmed, you can monitor the status of each audio asset along with any images and meshes you had selected to upload.

More details:

  • Audio assets can be accessed in the Asset Manager via the Recently Added tab (this will display all assets imported in current Studio session)
  • They can also be accessed via the Audio asset folder in Asset Manager (this is also new!)
Audio file requirements

We have made no changes to the requirements of an audio file. However, as a reminder:

  • Audio files must be of type .mp3 or .ogg
  • Audio files must be less than 7 minutes
  • Audio files must be smaller than 19.5 MB

Moderation fees:

  • 20 Robux for 0-10 seconds
  • 35 Robux for 10-30 seconds
  • 70 Robux for 30 seconds-2 minutes
  • 350 Robux for 2-7 minutes


Not using Asset Manager? Bulk audio importing will also be available via the import functionality in the Game Explorer. However, we really do encourage everyone to use the Asset Manager as the post-import asset accessibility is only available there and not in the Game Explorer. Audio assets will also be accessible via the Inventory in the Toolbox.

Big shoutout to the team that made it happen: @applepinecake, @funturious, @FriendlyAdder, @andymtns, @iMightBeLying, @Mr_Purrsalot, @DrowningEggs, @St4rst0n3, @4thchamber, @KurtisC_Roblox, and @MoonRocketApollo!


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This feature should be brought to the Audio Page on Roblox’s website. Bulk import is currently only accessible from Studio.


A lovely feature though. Uploading one-by-one would of been (and has been) a hassle.


I just had a bot made for this literally less than a week ago, using Node JS and a batch file with the audio upload web API. That timing :joy:

I’m super glad to see an official solution is here though. This will help out a ton of developers, having to upload audio one at a time or make your own bot for bulk uploading was super tedious and didn’t promote quality creations.


Thank you for this update!

I’ve encountered a bug tho, in the asset manager when you right click audios (the folder) and press Add Audio, the file explorer looks for .obj objects and .fbx objects.


This is a great for uploading all those audios from Tommy… Will we be able to bulk upload images or models in the coming future?

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I really think announcement posts should be as accurate as possible:

What? In the post there are sounds that cost less than 20 :robux_light: Am I understanding wrong?


Pretty interested to how this will play out. Seeing to how this will make it easier or more organized when uploading audios.


Its for the for the moderators to spend their time moderating it, time is money. Also roblox has to store the audios on their servers, taking up storage space.


yeah I can see that actually lol


Probably because they don’t want players to flood moderators with too much things and they want robux


They have costed :robux_light: since forever lol

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My guess is that the new creator page is going to have support for this. That or they’re going to scrap asset uploading through the site entirely in favor of the studio application interface.


This is a seriously great addition and makes me excited for the next time I have to import a bunch of audio files. Great work, and thank you all for this!

Thank goodness this got added. I was about to buy some of Tommy’s Audios and realized it would be a pain to upload most of the audios I purchased. But luckily this got added!

Thank you once again to the team behind this new update! :+1:


Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll have a fix for this soon!


I personally feel that making you pay Robux for audio shouldn’t be a thing, before I worked for Pembroke I had a lot of game ideas and needed to upload audio and I had no money to do that. What I am trying to say, people who can’t find investors for their games and maybe have the chance to become big can’t because of the paywall on audio.


I’d much rather prefer studio holding this functionality vs. the site. However, I can see how frustrating it may be for those who only create music and want their work published without having to go to studio. Having both would probably justify all uses even for niche audio designers.


If your audio gets taken down, do you still have to pay for it?


Yes, I am pretty sure. I’ve heard complaints about that all over the place.

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