Introducing Bulk Import to Studio



It’s a bummer bulk-uploaded assets are uploaded to the specific game, instead of your own inventory or group decals/meshes. These game-tied assets are impossible to use with projects that have a separate development universe (developing in a separate place in your live universe is a bad idea), and make it impossible to work on places that are loaded from file instead of through a website-published game. These restrictions render this feature useless to me :frowning:


Already made it a while ago :smile:


I second this, I suggest selecting a mesh from the mesh folder should import with the “Mesh has location data” prompt.


i’ve asked for this 1 year ago, finelly it is here.


This feature is a god send


This is the main reason why our team doesn’t use this feature. If this were to change, we would definitely start uploading through studio since it looks much more convenient


Time to add a bunch of fonts to my plugin :slight_smile:


This is amazing, it’ll make working on UI so much easier. One thing I’d suggest is the future ability to “export” a list of the asset IDs you just uploaded in an array that you can use in scripts without having to sift through each one individually. This would make development of animations using a sequence of decals almost effortless, and would allow for much more “movement” in not only UI but stuff like TVs.


Legit :100:


Woahh, this is awesome. going to try it out later today, thanks for the beta!


So how exactly do we get these meshes into workspace and retain their offset from each other? This feature isn’t helpful to me unless I can insert all the meshes at once and have the model pieced together automatically

Yes! This is CRUCIAL.


Thank you ROBLOX staff so much for doing this! I can finally import my Blender files and images without taking up too much time. :heart:


I love you


This will be very helpful if this was implemented. Espically when modeling characters. They’re pieced in a way for rigging purposes but it’s a pain uploading and repositioning them in studio. In some cases they even come in different sizes even through it’s the same size in the 3D modeling program.


Alright, running into an issue. The image uploading may save time but the mesh importing does not. I need meshes to be placed in the game just like when we individually upload meshes. I tried out the mesh import feature with 10 items and they all got uploaded to my inventory (so I could find them in my toolbox) but because these 10 items are part of 1 model, using the toolbox is not an option. It’d involve clicking in each mesh and then manually piecing them together very precisely.
If I had uploaded each mesh like normal, individually, Studio would have put together the model on it’s own. This means it’s actually quicker to upload one mesh at a time.


This is something that I’ve had issues with as well. If bulk import automatically inserted + positioned the models in the world, I would probably use it more often.



Thank you, Roblox!


I was just about to write about that too.
Oddly enough I’m happy to see people are running into the same problem. :joy:

Hoping for an update on that in the future :smiley:


I’d seriously like to know when we can expect an update on this feature ?

I could like right now need automated mesh insertion which additonally doesn’t ignore the positional data.


This saves me a lot of time. Thank you my lovelies.