Introducing Bulk Import to Studio



I really hope Roblox studio gets to the point where you can make the meshes in studio instead of third party.


I mean, I don’t see why they couldn’t just integrate Blender into Studio - Blender is open source the last time I checked.


Duly noted… Right now, we are working on an update that will import meshes in bulk and use the location data.


thanks (:


In theory they could, but only in theory.

It would just be a heck lot of work. which is barely justified due to the fact that you can separately Download and run Blender in under 4 minutes.

Implementing most basic Blender modeling functions into Roblox would also counter any need to use Roblox’s buildin primitive Solid modeling functions ( CSG )


Having one program to do everything is not feasible. You should just download blender and figure out a decent workflow. Let people who know the requirements of 3D modeling and rendering software develop the tools for such.

When blender updates, the integrated version will also need to be updated. It is also in no way that simple to just plop an entire program - especially one as complex as blender, into the middle of another program. At best you’d get a static subset of blender’s functionality that would require insane effort to update.


Blender’s licensed under GPL, so you’re right in that it’s open-source. However, GPL is copyleft, which means that software using code from Blender also need to be licensed under GPL. Using code from Blender would make Roblox Studio open-source, too, which is probably a no-no.


That shouldn’t deter from a possible importing option of “.blend” files. Unity has the feature, which makes it very convenient. Of course this has no liability over open-sourcing.


I know. The person I was replying to proposed integrating blender into studio for mesh editing.


Hey Devs. Thanks for all the feedback! We have now implemented the ability to insert meshes with retained location data. To take advantage of this, import meshes via the Bulk Importer. Then, when it appears in your Game Explorer, right-click and click the option “Insert with location.” This should insert it correctly in your workspace!


Is there any way to insert multiple meshes simultaneously? Seems like currently you can’t instantly insert all selected meshes, it’ll just insert the mesh you right clicked on.


I wonder about this too.

Having a way to insert multiple meshes at the same time to Roblox from the Game Explorer would be really helpful.

If possible,a feature that can group assets in Game Explorer using Folders and Models (eg: For groups of meshes that represents different models) would be neat.

A feature that can sort the assets in Game Explorer from newest to oldest would be cool too.

I say this because for example, when uploading a batch of meshes, it sorts according to their name. This can be good in a way but it would make it time consuming to find and insert meshes that are supposed to be grouped together to Workspace.

Currently to circumvent the issue, I have to create and publish a new blank place if I want to find those corresponding meshes that are supposed to be grouped, easily. Then I have to delete every other unrelated already imported meshes in Game Explorer so I can insert the next batch for a different model.


This is awesome thank you!!


I second this question too.


We have this on our radar and are working on implementing this capability!


This feature is extremely helpful. Thank you very much!

Would it be possible to add a feature to import an existing image into the Game Explorer? For example, I have an existing image with a rbxassetid that I would like to import into the Game Explorer in a new game.


Would it be possible to import all the objects selected in the game explorer? It’s a bit tedious to have to right click on them and insert with location.


Update: You can now import up to 200 assets at a time.

Note that if you are importing meshes with several mesh files in them, the 200 limit applies to the cumulative number of files after they have all been split.


Finally came around trying this out, it works like a charm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Though it can become a little bit tedious searching for all the meshes in the game explorer … especially if there are already hundreds of mesh-part entries.


In the future, it would be nice to be able to copy multiple ID’s