Introducing Bulk Import to Studio



Hey Developers!

You asked and we listened! After much anticipation, we are excited to release a new feature that will allow you to import up to 50 images and mesh files at a time!

To take advantage of this feature, head on over to the Game Explorer and locate the Import button at the bottom of the widget.


From there, go ahead and choose up to 50 images and/or meshes via the file picker. Once you’ve chosen your files, you will see a window pop up over the Game Explorer where you can monitor the progress of each of your imports and see why some (if any) failed.



Where did my Game Explorer go?

During the importing process, you can minimize the progress window at any time by clicking on the downward arrow button in the top right corner and return to your Game Explorer.

Can I cancel my import?

If you would like to cancel your import, simply click the “x” button in the top right corner of the progress window and the import will be terminated.

Why am I seeing a message that says “Retrying upload”?

If you see this, don’t panic! Our servers need a bit more time to process the number of requests coming in but we are still trying to import your files. Do not cancel the import if you see this error because it is likely that you will see it again. Instead, give us a few extra minutes to process your import request and it should work shortly!

Multi-mesh importing, being able to upload multiple meshes at once
Bulk image uploading
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:heart: You staff are the best. I mean it. Biggest surprise I could get at 10:30 PM


Haven’t we always been able to upload that many images at one time?


The days of my struggles to import thirty meshes per suit of armor are soon to be behind me :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I will test this out importing ~500 meshes asap!


i think you need to split that up


I know. I meant to see how it goes to do so many in succession.



I don’t upload to Studio directly when I develop, but I can see this being a big help to developers that do. Cool beans.


Pretty Cool.
I can see using this.


Does this upload the image using ID rather than how it previously uploaded? (I’ve always uploaded on the web because of this) If you published the game to somewhere else the image would be missing so I’m not entirely sure how this method works.


This is awesome!!


This makes my life 100x better. <3



You have no idea how much a small update will make my workflow so much more productive!! :heart:


Will we have the ability to copy the assetId of the image? That is one of the main reasons why I don’t use it. For Robloxian Highschool we use two separate places (universes): development and production. If you make something in the development place which has a image that is referenced by a game asset url, this won’t show up in the production place unless you import all of these new images to the production.


I’m a web uploader too. How exactly does this work?


So how exactly do we get these meshes into workspace and retain their offset from each other? This feature isn’t helpful to me unless I can insert all the meshes at once and have the model pieced together automatically. All of the meshes I’m inserting have the offset correct when I export them from Blender, but as of now Studio just plops the meshes in front of my camera.


This is extremely convenient since I have a lot of skins for my meshes.
Needless to say… I love it!


About time. Thank you so much Roblox! Been wanting this for sooo long!


Oh thank god. Time to find out how many meshparts I can design into a character. This will significantly speed up workflow.


Nice. Now I need to finish my bulk export add-on for Blender.