Introducing Camera Toggle

What if you were able to zoom in or focus the camera imto a particular spot on the screen, with this feature? Being able to look around and then look closer would be fun and exciting to do.

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This is certainly interesting and I can’t wait to check it out, but like others, I am a bit worried about the quality of this feature and how well it reacts if you are clicking the mouse for something in-game. All and all it’s a new feature, of course, it will get tweaked as time passes…Thank you and keep up the great work, Roblox! :roblox:


Really good update - it doesn’t really work as well when you enable shift lock at the same time though.


Pretty neat update but if you have both this camera mode on and “click to move” option enabled, you can’t click to move without toggling the camera…


Personally, I would prefer Camera Toggle to be in Shift, more specifically being another option for shift-lock. I don’t see why they should be separate from each other and be able to use them together, although having Camera Toggle on alongside shift-lock causes the “lock” part to break/not work if you have Camera Toggle off.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Either have these two merge into one option, or make it disable Camera Toggle whenever you shift-lock. Being able to change the height of the Camera Toggle would also be a neat addition, as well.


I like the new addition of Camera Toggle, I think it is visually appealing, easy to use and it will make camera movement a lot easier for players with a trackpad which doesn’t support touch gestures.

However, I’ve managed to find a few issues with this new camera mode within a few minutes of testing.

Use case #1

I have my camera mode set as Camera Toggle

  • Settings display correctly in the game session I have just set the new camera mode
  • Upon starting a new game session after previously setting your camera mode to Camera Toggle, it displays your camera mode in the settings as “Default (Classic)” despite the camera having the functionality of Camera Toggle.

Use case #2

I have Shift Lock Switch enabled and have my camera mode set to Camera Toggle

  • Toggling Shift Lock using the keybind does nothing besides offset your camera to the right
  • While Shift Lock is enabled and you toggle the new camera mode, the mouse crosshair has an offset similar to what the Shift Lock mouse icon would have
  • While Shift Lock and the new toggle mode are enabled, BubbleChats also gets an offset

I’ve been getting so annoyed over this being removed, as I felt that it was important to me for perfectly alligning my camera/character ingame, and I used these shortcuts everywhere. This also worked, for example, in terms of perfectly rotating your character in prop hunt games like Blox Hunt to make your position look less suspicious by blending in with the environment even more (by perfectly alligning your rotation to make it look as if, the object was already placed there in the map originally, and is not a player)

This feature was important to me, and I hope it does come back.


This is a nice addition to the platform, however, I wish older bugs had been kinked out first.

There’s been one in particular that developers have been confused about for quite a while now without getting an answer back:

In summary: User Camera Movement Mode cant be preset by the developers causing issues with cutscenes in various games.

Will this be a resolved issue any time soon?


This is a great little update, well done! Of course, I will have to get used to this, but it’s overall a helpful feature. :+1:


pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease add this or something similar to studio. if i dont have a mouse with me, studio is so much harder to do.


Hmm interesting I don’t what to think about it but it Shure looks interesting wonder if there are advantages that we can implement into our games


To a person who has a trackpad without gesture support, I really think this is a really nice update onto ROBLOX & will help lots of people including me! :slight_smile:


This is cool, but on the topic of camera settings, i would like to ask for a additional setting for VehicleSeats, the stock camera is vary annoying and demanding you to look ahead, and when your trying turn your camera around and click something, it gets vary aggravating, as the seat wants you to look forewords, and its hard to script a custom camera (and the one i had is now broken), i would love to see toggle camera options for this area.


This is a pretty cool camera feature that I already see in some roblox games, I think it’s nice having it off on default. One potential issue I may see is a game having the same possible keyBind or something similar and it confusing players.

Another somewhat related camera topic was the < >. I would love to see those reimplemented, they were pretty useful.

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So this is just a more modernized shift lock?


This is useful on my system because it doesn’t support right click and drag.

Seriously. Holding down the right click button, the cursor will not move. It works with external mice, but nah.

Thanks. Now just let me disable trackpad gestures completely and it’ll be all good.


You can change the UserInput to a KeyCode or another user input by going into the PlayerModule → CameraModule → CameraInput. The lines responsible for toggling the CameraToggle will have lines similar to this:

	local rmbDown, rmbUp
	local rmbDownBindable ="BindableEvent")
	local rmbUpBindable ="BindableEvent")

	rmbDown = rmbDownBindable.Event
	rmbUp = rmbUpBindable.Event

	UserInputService.InputBegan:Connect(function(input, gpe)
		if not gpe and input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton2 then 

	UserInputService.InputEnded:Connect(function(input, gpe)
		if input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton2 then

It’s a nice feature to have but i’m still not used to it.

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I see this as an improvement to the Shift-Lock camera type we have which is a great thing, definitely gonna take some time getting used to, then again it’s entirely optional

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Looks great. A ton of people will definitely benefit from this.

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