Introducing: color palette MASHEEEEN!

The plugin name might be misleading. This plugin does NOT generate color palettes for you but it helps you use them!

With this plugin, you can create and save palettes with custom colors and then link them to UI objects’ properties.

Linking a palette color to an object’s property allows you to change the color from the palette which changes all-objects-linked-to-it’s colors.

And this is basically the whole appeal of the plugin. Letting you test multiple colors without the pain of having to set every property for every object.


This is the plugin and This is a copy as a model so you can check the code out

Notes / Known Bugs

  • Messing with the folder that stores the links (in server storage) will result in varying issues and errors so please don’t do that.
    If you happened to do that unintentionally just turn the plugin off then on again from the plugins menu. This should fix most issues.


I worked hard on this so please consider some minor donation at this place

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New script content customization plugin thingy?

Plugin was named by @AdmirableEffort



  • Made it possible to select multiple stuff and link them all at the same time
  • Added support for other color properties outside of UI (That includes Parts, Textures, Decals, Lights, Etc…)

Please, let me know if you come across any bugs other than the ones listed in the post!


A lot of errors print in the output when you do literally anything after successfully coloring a UI element.

Also, you can’t scroll down when your palette is too long (kinda annoying)

Can you send the error? Also, It should scroll but probably the error breaks it so let me see what the problem is.

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Yeah, it should automatically adjust with AutomaticSize.

No, Actually I tried automatic size but it was inconsistent and faulty for no apparent reason so I had to make a custom. If the plugin errors for him then script execution halts which means that everything that comes after the cause of the error is not executed and one of those things could be the auto-resize function.

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I’m guessing that happened because its a beta feature. AutomaticSize has worked pretty well for me.


  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an error if an object with a color link got deleted
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  • Now multiple users can use the plugin in the same place without interfering with each other’s palettes. Attempting to make a link on a property that already has a link but from another user’s palettes will overwrite their link. You are always notified in the output if that happens!

let me know if you come across any bugs.