Introducing Configure Group

Finally, it’s been ages since Groups got an upgrade


Excited to see more from groups in the future. Congrats on your beta testing.


This is truly great! I am not one for using groups that much anymore, but this might bring me back into the use of the feature. I think this is a great step, it’s been such a long time since groups had gotten an upgrade.

The question I have is there going to be any feature in the future that will allow groups to be owned by more than one member? That will do good to groups that have 2 lead creators (Ex: Badimo By: Asimo3089 and badcc). There should be a limit if implemented, but I still think would be an awesome feature.


CO-OWNER in this case is the name of a role in your group - groups do not support co-owners.


Spend group funds is turned on for the role, i tried it on my own group too and it seemed to not work


This is super exciting and a super welcome’d change.

Groups have been neglected for a long time so it’s nice to see changes, really can’t wait for more, thooough I do hope more features are coming such as… Group payout per game as well as Group to Group payouts

For now I hope y’all have a great holiday break!


I really like that it’s finally been updated, but the only things which put me off are the updated button to go through pages on the member/affiliates page (page numbers can’t be typed in to be quicker). Also, connected to that, the member search can be a bit annoying because it needs the full username.

Other than those two things, it’s nice.


Sweet update!

I think a feature you guys could add would be the ability to assign permissions to specific user(s), kind of like how discord has their permissions system setup. It would make it much easier if you didn’t want everyone within a certain role to have a permission that you only want to give to a single person without having to create an entire new role just for them.

Scenario: You have a role of 5 developer(s) but you only want to give the “create group items” to the clothing designer, however you don’t want to make an entire new role for them.


25R$ is not that much, i dont see any issues regarding this


Spend group funds is a… misleading name for that permission, and we’ll make sure to document the actual behavior of this permission a bit better in the updated docs next year. “Spend group funds” allows users to

  • Access the Revenue Summary and Transactions pages in the Configure Group page
  • View the groups funds
  • Use group funds to create badges (if you are allowed to manage items)
  • Use group funds to advertise the group (if you are allowed to advertise the group)

But there is a limit to 18 ranks.


I didn’t know about that, i created my first group not that long ago. I hope ROBLOX can make a less ‘‘Misleading’’ name for that permission.


Sure, it’s cheap but I don’t want to create an entire new role for just giving a person a permission that other roles don’t have, being able to assign permissions to specific user(s) just sounds a lot better imo.


If you don’t want to make a entire role for a Clothing Designer, get Premium urself and upload them by urself. It’s that simple :wink:


I have waited on this for so long, I can’t even express how happy it makes me. However, since they are doing group updates… just like others have stated, there are 255 different rank numbers, why is there only 18 available?

Well yes I don’t think there should be 255 ranks, there should definitely be more than just 18.


It looks so much better, especially the role permissions page.

I would like to see more users shown on the Members page so I don’t have to click through so many pages; I usually pre-screen my join requests before clicking Accept All.

However, now that group bots are mostly dealt with I haven’t really needed to do that for a while so I don’t know if this will actually become a real problem.

The first time I clicked “Accept All” on my join requests I got an error and had to click through pages / click on the button a couple of times. I was on the last page of results the first time I tried. This might just be related to the initial rollout though, not sure?

Obviously I can’t try to reproduce now though because I don’t have any more join requests.


Minor nitpick:
The outline on these dropdowns is more white than inputs and dropdowns elsewhere on the website:
Eg. Account settings: image


Im not sure if someone asked this already but, is there an option to get this ‘‘New’’ Group Admin Panel already or do we have to wait for it to release to the Public?


It’s released only for beta testers at the moment. However, it will be released to the public soon, I believe.


Is there a way to join the Beta Program, or don’t u know anything about that?


Yes, there is. Here’s the link;