Introducing Configure Group

I honestly have no idea how/why any group would use this effectively - but heck yea! More options is almost always better.


Finally! A 40 group role limit, now I do not have to replace roles, I love this change a lot.


My thoughts exactly. 40 roles seems pretty excessive unless you have some sort of actual business setup with tons of different potential positions. Can’t go wrong with more though I guess.

Awesome. Lot’s of stuff you can do with this.

Roleplay groups maybe? More options is definitely something to go with.

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depends; this can be useful for clothing groups who have special roles for people who purchase a specific amount of clothing, i see your point tho

Haha. Once upon a time I was looking for more than 18 roles in my groups, but now I don’t need it and here we get it. I guess some people may find a use for this, such as those military groups that merge two titles together into one rank or separate off into other groups. This is very much appreciated though and I guess if anyone ever has a use for >18 roles, go wild.

My most anticipated feature is still group blacklisting.


Thank you for this I was just about to delete a group role just to add another role.

Great addition with this and the Collaborators feature in studio we can be able to organize multiple group projects much easier within the same group! Keep up the good work! :smiley: <3

This is an amazing update, now I can add more ranks to my group but I wish you could have lowered the price of the roles from 25 robux to 15 robux.

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What about the possibility of having a way to formally request name changes such as a business renaming itself? This would go through some type of review process (up for debate), would allow business orientated groups who made a poor name choice originally to fix their oops, and still satisfy ROBLOX’s concerns regarding sudden name changes.

EDIT: of course, to keep the moderation queue down there would be a fee. Again, up for debate


I’m glad groups are getting attention but I’m not at all happy with the new user experience around viewing transactions, payouts, and revenue. So many clicks to do what could be done on a single page.

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I can’t seem to put T-shirts on sale and/or change the price.

This is a shirt that is offsale, and how could I put it on sale? It is a group owned item, but when I click configure, this shows up.


This is completely unrelated to groups but we are looking into this issue :+1:

Edit: should be resolved


Thank you, because when this went live, it changed the configuring of shirts and T-shirts as well, and the shirt is group owned, so I thought to put it here.

This is a wonderful update! Thank you to Roblox! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Cool update, but those that are involved in the military genre now have to pay more to fill up the ranks :stuck_out_tongue:

40 Roles finally! the previous limit of 20 was much too limiting for some groups.

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Now I read the description before I comment but this doesn’t really tie into the new configure group but in mobile, I can’t edit my group the option is gone even though I own the group happens with other groups too. Using iPhone X, software: 13.3. Roblox fully updated.


Currently, there is no mobile support for the configure group page. However, they hope to implement mobile support in the future.