Introducing Configure Group

This seems to be an extremely silly and trivial reason to not add such a requested feature. In this TED Talk I will—

Oh nevermind that was simple.


What about making groups with 0 members automatically set to public so people can claim them? There’s like 3875348753 groups with 0 people in them. People like to name snipe and then leave the group which is part of why this is such a requested feature. If this was changed I’m sure it would make all of lives easier.

Plus, I don’t really see like a valid counter argument to why tis shouldn’t be implemented… What’s the point of having a billion and a half groups if nobody is just going to use them?


I like the new changes but I would want to be able to configure group and be able to upload items (by like choosing a file on your phone or picture) and configure them on mobile. A lot of the times I want to check my group revenue or upload clothing.

You should add it to roblox mobile


Great news.
When will the Permissions bug be fixed? When a role has Manage Group Funds or something like that they don’t actually have the prompt to do X thing. Please fix.

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Very cool update. I’m assuming that other pages suck as “Create” will be getting something similar as with the obvious trend.

This is very exciting, 40 group role slots… I thought i’d never see the day. So much possibility with that change. It’s about time that that group admin page got an update.


If someone doesn’t like the new name, they have freedom to leave the group at any time. It’s not a consistent reason. There are so many groups that are inactive due to this cause.


YES! First amount of updates I’m really excited for.

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In my opinion, the group configure page is too much on the left of the screen. I think moving it towards the center or just giving some space on the left side would be more appealing to the eyes.


The update is nice and lovely. I am actually happy that we have the ability to have 40 roles per group.
That is because the 20 roles per group limited a lot of groups.

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Would it be possible to fix the group search so if you were to search “[name] Cafe” the first thing that would come up would be that group, instead of the largest cafe?

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Very much appreciate this change.

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Thanks Roblox, you didn’t mess up for once.


Very cool, but when will you allow us to split revenue by game so I don’t have to make separate groups…

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Why would you deleated it ;-; wouldn’t you just change it?

Cool We are aware for group configuration as moderator had already added this update?.

I’m very glad to see these updates with groups! Finally getting some more TLC and love. Much appreciated, including extending more roles. :heart:

Does the button that says “Give permission to group funds” work now?

Hello it still has not been fixed when would it be fixed?