Introducing Grass

it makes my games look really nice and realistic.

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Experimented a bit with it and added it to an old build.

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I think it was smart to not have leafy grass be part of grass. I made a plugin to clear grass around parts. It changes it to leafy grass. If they made leafy grass have the grass I would have to replace it with ground or something it would just look ugly.

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The new grass did make My new version of my parlor be way more out standing I’m in love with this amazing update!


You could do leafy grass, that’s all I can thing of for now.

Nice, is there a game link yet?
Also, how does this look with the new PBR lighting?


Really late to reply, but this is awesome! Alot of games use this for the correct side, and it’s an overall perfect update! :smiley:

I’ve never really gotten around to finishing it sadly, since I sort of put my main focus onto developing STALKER (upcoming game). I mean it was just a small side project but if I find a spare few days I’ll probably get around to finishing it and just making it a time trial based mini game I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

You can play it but maybe at least 30% isn’t decorated.

As for the new lighting, I think it speaks for itself…


yes i has grass on my game so realistic make games like nice isnt bugged thanks staff use all day :smiley:.

This looks absolutely amazing thanks roblox for a good update. This will help my upcoming FPS game and will make it look good.

I know right, it looks absolutely amazing.

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I’m really loving this new update! This grass features bring SOOO much detail and life into the scene!

Here’s some Images from Projects I’ve been working on:

Project: 2099 (Showcase)

Project: Amelots Peak (Collaboration Project)

Project: Out Of This World (Put on Hault)


Roblox just looks beautiful now. Can’t wait for phase 3!
I’m so excited for it!


Thanks for the cool feature. It looks really nice in my opinion. Keep up the work Roblox.

All of us probably can’t complain, it looks realistic and cool in-game. It’s easy to use, and makes your game a little more “alive”.

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A pretty awesome feature for Roblox! Thank you for making this brand feature. Now, I can make a realistic showcase game. :star_struck:


Woah that build looks amazing. Was some of it built in blender?


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Roblox has taken its graphics to a whole different level with those updates, It looks outstanding.


The grass looks really great when paired with the new lighting!


I love that the grass won’t move if you set your graphics to low. Thanks for thinking about people with not-so-good PCs!

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