Introducing Localization Language Picker

Hey Developers,

We have just released a new Localization Tool that will allow you to test your games in all of the languages that Roblox currently supports!

In order to test out this tool, head on over to the Plugins Tab and select “Test Language”.

The new feature makes it easier to test your localized game. If you haven’t localized your game yet, this article will help you get started:

Once you’ve localized your game, you can use this menu to test in English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish!


If you want to test your game in a language that is not currently supported by Roblox, add a column to your LocalizationTable for that language, and enter the locale ID into the text input box following (Custom).

Stay tuned for more awesome Localization Tools coming soon!


It seems the new studio updates are going to make testing less redundant and more productive. Sweet.



One of my major gripes with localization is the constant need to update the spreadsheet when adding text to the game (hence, getting translators who are perpetually interested in helping out the game). This is an annoyance, but a necessary one for a fully localized game. Adding more languages makes the effort linearly increase.

I want stats on how many of my game’s players are using each language, to even determine if all the effort is worth it.

We need stats



With the coming updates would the bug for languages like Arabic be fixed where the writing appears backwards?

It’s the only issue i am currently facing which prevents me from translating games to Arabic :confused:


Thank you!!! :star_struck:


Awesome! Also, check my localization post :slight_smile: for those who want to localize their game to Brazilian Portuguese!


Finally this is a must needed feature!

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We hear you on this and are working on something that might help. Stay tuned!


Will you add more languages in the future?

Perhaps Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.


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