Introducing Migrate to Latest Update

Uh, sorry for the late response, and not being even the owner of the game, but i think the game rickje139 means, is Plane Crazy, which actually has an auto save system, but at least from my opinion, it isn’t that great, the auto save system doesn’t seem to save everything you do, sooo, yeah, i guess i agree with rickje139.


Nice job, looking forward to using this. Anyway can we discuss about improving the advertisements? Like make it where we can put the ad time for a few days etc.


That sounds like a fault with the developer’s game system which needs to use better handling of the BindToClose method to save progress when players leave or the server shuts down. You can’t rely on autosaves only otherwise of course data is going to be lost, with or without the migration method.

Developers shouldn’t blame Roblox for not using the tools and API that they provide properly. There’s a data saving example right there on the docs: and the devforum is full of advice to avoid losing data in various eventualities including disconnection, shutdowns and teleports.


A lot of you have been asking for it to teleport instead of kick, and I remembered this post by merely. I used it when developing for a cafe and it worked perfectly.

PS: I suggest replacing the message with activating a screengui considering messages are depreciated


Great update, I always felt bad to shutdown all servers when something severe happened, and several thousand players got kicked.

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nexus avenger made a screengui version in a reply to that thread Soft Shutdown Script


Ok. I never saw that part lol.

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I like the idea but I feel like teleporting player’s to new servers is better than just kicking them out.

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Nice tool, but I will still be using the script I have which automatically teleports players into new servers instead


A Greta Update! But still needs to be more customizable because for roundbased games somehow there needs to be an Api implemented wich does this automatically after the round end and told the players minutes before that there is an update coming and instead of kicking just teleports to another server maybe even with the same players🤔

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This is already the case.

Is there not a ‘reconnect’ button on the shutdown screen?

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But doesn’t the Reconnect button take longer? :thinking:

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From my experience, the reconnect button is pretty fast; click, and there you go. Roblox does have plans to implement automatic reconnection.

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I already have that, but there are people out there who are currently working on something or have autosave disabled or if they would autosave their current creation they would pass the 260k characters limit which would make them lose their data.

I will more like, when roblox matchmaking will stop joining players to old servers, so the existing players will not be forced to leave and the game will smoothly migrate to new version.

my name is litterally everywhere and i am the only person who has been working for it in the past 1.5 years. so technically i am somewhat the owner as the actual owner quit working on it, but we cant convert the game to a group.

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There are people out there who have almost reached the max savedata allowed and are working on something big as an example. if they get disconnected out of nowhere, the autosave would not help them out and make them lose their stuff.

Again, that’s an issue with the game, not Roblox. Consider compressing the data if you’re finding that people reach the limit.

It’s very bad user experience to lose everything just because you leant on a key or your internet dropped out for a second or Roblox released a client update that forced you to reconnect.

There are various topics around the developer forum of different ways to compress data depending on how bad the problem is.

I don’t think it is. Whenever i publish an update to my game and join soon after I am very rarely put into a new server that has the latest update

After triggering Migrate to Latest Update?

Migration doesn’t happen automatically, you have to click it on the menu like the original post describes.