Introducing: RAMPAGE Administration System. Built-in ROBLOX Chat administration system

40b57d1c04771521a6feecdd4140dd0d8813b8d0_2_690x120 Unlike all administration system on Roblox utilizes Player.Chatted, Unlike RAMPAGE Administration System it’s a built-in system into the ROBLOX Chat Modules. Quick & easy installment in seconds! RAMPAGE Administration System provides powerful administration tools such as Baning players based on the time using Roblox os.time(), Powerful anti-exploit, and many more. Tired of data-lost? For our administrators & bans, we use Datastore2 to prevent data-lost and corruption. Amazing chat tags for your moderators & administrators, real-time banning. Tired of your bans not syncing with other servers? Not getting admin new older servers? No worry’s we cover that to make sure it’s all sync!




More commands are to be added in the future, at the moment we do support Plugins to create your own. We support an infinite amount of permissions level, so no worry’s about running out. Please actively keep your copy updated, we make updating made easy for you in 0.0.2 you just need to run a quick require() in the command bar to update. If you have any questions just make a response here.


  • HTTPS Services Enabled
  • All requirements as of now :slight_smile:


Execute this in command bar and add this script to ServerScriptService


Creating a plugin

Simply copy the example module and rename it to your liking then open it.

Upon opening this you will see a few settings and a function(). The Function() is the function running when the command is executed. This is where your code will go.

Information Center
Name = The command name. As seen above “test” is the command name, now if we run ! chat test it runs the command. The name of the module isn’t the command name to execute it.

Details = Help Information, this is the information when you run !help. Here’s an example picture of help details. As you see in the red box that’s the information on how to operate the command and what arguments are required.

Perm = The level! Permission Levels are the ranks required for you to execute the command. Here’s our basic Permission tree.
-1 = Banned
0 = Player
1 = Moderator
2+ = Admin

Speaker = The admin executing the command, this lets you know who just executed this command. This return’s the player object from the game.Players

Here’s a small example command to kick all player’s from the server. Requires the permission level 2+ and alert’s the players who kicked them.

	{name = "kickall", details="<no arguments>", perm = 2, func = function(speaker, args)
	for i,v in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
		v:Kick("Kicked from the server by ".. speaker.Name)

I hope I was clear and understanding and able to assist you with creating plugins.

Next update will release bunch more commands and access into private sectors of the system such as checking permission levels yourself, discord api, send message to chat, etc.

By 0.0.3 Release all this will be out-dated regarding creating a plugin due to a new API System on how we do it.


0.0.2 Development Process

Commands Completed:
Jump Power

0.0.2 Release.
required manually installment for required update

  • Bunch of commands such as !admin player, !mod player, !announce, !god, etc.

May notice a require():init() script in added in the Server folder. this is a addition for the future to allow me to publish changes without requiring you to update such as almost all admin modules use require() In the future plan to just be a little settings module and a serverscript, at the moment RAMPAGE is busy with a project and plan to get this out very soon!

Your explorer should now look like this.

You may delete the tools in the tools folder, insert tools into there if you want !give to access them. Any way’s I need sleep, if there’s any bugs with the new commands shoot me a PM. Been streaming development for 4 hours. image


What’s the reason for needing HTTP requests to be on?

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might be because of the discord api module.


DiscordAPI requires https service to be enabled


Automatic install/Automatic updating is now released. This is the last time you should ever have to re-install the RAMPAGE Administration System, here at RAMPAGE We want everything to be simple/fast for YOU!



in the command bar to install, then you will notice stuff is automatically updated and upon joining the game it’s once more updated again.

Open ServerScriptService service to begin configuring settings and adding plugins! To do that you need to install the Loader script here into ServerScriptService. This should be the last time you ever need to install it.

Trello Bans & Trello based permissions levels are in development :wink:

  • RAMPAGE Team
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Is there any way to disable certain built in commands?

This will be a feature soon, hopefully in 0.0.4 release

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Disabling commands is added.

Please modify your settings module and add. Inside the table add the name of the commands you want disabled. Not case sensitive. if this line of code isn’t added, the admin system can possibly break. With this change I also fixed the issue regarding the !jail command not working.

DisabledCommands = {},

Looks good. My question, however, is why use this admin over others? Are there any features that make this admin more appealing than others? Advantages, perhaps?

Another issue;
If bubble-chat only is enabled, you can’t really use the admin since it requires the chat itself. Maybe make a UI so you can access the commands that require the chat when it’s disabled?

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Installing an unknown module that requires you to enable HTTP requests is incredibly suspicious.


This is supposed to be basic administrative system, no uis etc.

I do understand that. Kohls admin, HD Admin, and adonis are also all required () The module is public. You can re-upload it and change the require ids if you’re worried

The reason we do requires is so we can easily publish updates without having you reinstall it every time.


I understand that it’s no UIs and stuff, but again; What if normal chat is disabled? How’d they have known what commands are available if !help wouldn’t return anything? (Since it’s in chat).

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I’d print it client-sided in developer console.

Perfect, I’m glad to hear that it’s open-source. I’ll take a look at it!

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Will all players be aware that “RAMPAGE” is in a game? I’m currently looking for a system that doesn’t advertise their admin commands to our players.

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We dont advertise, its wrong. Only way they can found is by running commands and seeing [RAMPAGE Admin]: Command failed to execute

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