Introducing: RAMPAGE Administration System. Built-in ROBLOX Chat administration system

Major risk :face_with_raised_eyebrow: , don’t enable third party HTTP requests…

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Major risk? Lol. It isn’t a major risk to have HTTP requests enabled. People use HTTPS requests to use MySQL databases, for example, send discord webhooks, Trello, etc. Almost all my games and other players games use HTTPS Services for good reasons.

I can think of this being used for malicious intent only by a ROBLOX Studio plugin to use. Source to view your scripts and send a POST to a website or discord server leaking your code.

RAMPAGE Admin can’t even touch your scripts last time I checked. It isn’t a studio plugin; if you’re worried, fetch the RAMPAGE Admin MainModule re-uploaded it privately and read the code and make your own changes if you’re worried about it somehow being malicious.

If it’s really a risk, Roblox will remove it.


requires reinstallment, but made easier!

Install for the first time(Required for this update, no matther if it’s already installed)


Update your code:


Execute these codes in the command bar.

This recent update makes updating/installing just a simple as that, organizing my code to be cleaner, etc. And some command fixes—the reason this is required, as some code was moved around to folders, etc.

RAMPAGE is currently investigating the reason behind why the admin channel is failing to show. It seems we have zero errors regarding it at the moment. We have no idea and will keep investigating.

Update - 12/7/2020 9:01 PM PDT
RAMPAGE Is still investigating. This is one of the errors we’re having a serious problem with as now the whole system broke down; we have zero errors and unable to find the root cause. We will continue investigating; by Wednesday, we will re-do the whole system if this isn’t fixed. RAMPAGE Team is extremely sorry about your current experience with the system.

If you’re planning on continuously updating/maintaining this application software, maybe put it on GitHub? Unless you absolutely shiver from the idea of collaboration somehow lol.

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This is cool! I think you could improve on your plugin system and making it easier for people to set up new commands. Take a look at the structure for creating a command package (plugin) with SimpleAdmin.

    Name = "Kick";
    Aliases = {"yeet"};
    Level = Levels.Moderators;
    Args = {
            Name = "Target";
            Type = "player";
            HierarchyLimited = true; -- Prevents command from being ran on somebody with higher permission level
            Name = "Reason";
            Type = "string";
            Default = "You have been kicked by an administrator.";
    Category = "Moderation";
    Run = function(plr, args)
        if args.Target.GetLevel() >= plr.GetLevel() then
        args.Target:Kick("\n\nSimpleAdmin | " .. args.Reason)