SimpleAdmin | A modern administration utility for your game!


SimpleAdmin is a modern administration utility for your game. It was built around the idea of being extremely expandable for people to add onto it, and quite frankly, I think we’ve achieved that goal. Another goal of ours was for SimpleAdmin to have a package system where people can integrate SimpleAdmin into their projects nearly seamlessly. I think we’ve achieved that goal as well.

Why choose SimpleAdmin over competitors?

  • Noticeably faster command execution time (yes, we’ve tested it)
  • Sleek, modern interface
  • Frequently updated

What are packages?

SimpleAdmin packages are like little plugins that expand upon the original codebase. From adding on extra commands, to completely re-implementing the inner workings of the system, packages can pretty much do it all. I’ve built a little example command using a package that you can view below!

Example Package
Commands, Service, Config = nil, nil, nil -- These are all pushed right into the environment.

return function()
		Name = "testpackage"; -- Name of the command
		Aliases = {"testp"}; -- Aliases (other ways to execute the command)
		Prefix = "!"; -- You can set a custom prefix for this command. (Defaults to config prefix)
		Level = 1; -- Minimum level required to execute the command. (0 - Guest | 1 - Moderator | 2 - Admin | 3 - Owner | 4 - Developer)
		Disabled = true; -- Set to false to enable the command.
		Category = "Package"; -- Commands' category (Misc by default)
		Args = {
				Name = "Target"; -- Name of the argument
				Type = "player"; -- Type of argument. Since it's player, it'll get auto-parsed before it's fed to the command.
			},					 -- Arg types: string, int, number, player
				Name = "Title";
				Type = "string";
				Default = "Test UI"; -- What the argument defaults to if not defined.
			} -- If the last argument is a string, it'll get parsed to a long string so you can use multiple words.
		Run = function(plr, args)
			-- Any player passed to the command is in a wrapper with some custom functions.
			-- You can get the original player by doing `plr._Object`
				[Custom Player Functions]
				GetHumanoid() - Returns the players humanoid
				Send(...) - Fires a remote event to the player
				GetLevel() - Returns the players' level
				Ban(Moderator <UserId>, Reason <String>) - Bans the player
				Data[] - A table with the players' data. (level and bans are not stored here)
			args.Target.Send("DisplayTable", args.Title, { -- This will display a UI with the elements in the table.
				"ABC";									   -- You can also pass a dictionary and it'll create dropdowns.

This displays:


Packages also make it super easy to add your own utilities into your game using our pre-built object oriented UI library! The library includes dropdowns, buttons, toggles, and just plain text. You can build beautiful utilities with just a few lines of code! Here’s an example of our UI kit being put to use:

View our interface!

How do I install it?

Just grab the model and drop it right into your game! Make sure to put it either in ServerScriptService or your Workspace. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re interested in checking out our source code, you can grab the main module here.

Manage your game with our Web API!

We have a paid plan, SimpleAdmin Pro, that I recommend to anybody that wants to take their game management seriously. It allows you to control your game from our fully documented external API, store your data in our MySQL database, and use our custom Discord bot. You can check it out here.

Contribute to our project!

We welcome anybody wanting to help work on SimpleAdmin. If you’re a programmer and you want to help create commands and features for the system, feel free to join the discord (linked below) and shoot me a message.


I thank every single one of you guys that decides to use my system in your game! I worked pretty hard on this and I’m extremely proud of the outcome. I encourage everyone that wishes to support the system to join our discord server to help report any bugs you encounter, and to make suggestions! You can also just have a quick word with us, we don’t bite!

:compass: Join the discord!


Wow, this looks really nice. I really like the fact that you can put in your own commands. This could be really handy.

Keep up the good work!


This is a really unique admin I think the idea of modulability and a sleek UI design is pretty cool!


Real hot doe. :fire: :fire: :fire: Keep up the amazing work, I can’t wait to see more people using your admin!!! :heart_eyes:


I definitely see potential for this administrator module project, but I have some suggestions and questions, from what I have seen for the time I have been on the platform that there is a lot of used administration utility assets.

Questions that need to be answered:

  1. What does SimpleAdmin have that other administrator services don’t have?
  2. Are you planning on creating a command bar, private command system of some sort in the near future, or some sort of channel for private administrator commands in-game?
  3. Will the main command user interfaces have certain themes or colors to chose from, this may include a RGB color wheel as a plugin or a list of available color codes?

Suggestions for SimpleAdmin:

  1. If you would like to be original, make an in-game color wheel for each user to chose their color from, the game owner could make this a developer product but it could be free.
    1B) Adding onto that, create a set-color from the start that can be fully edited by the game owner.
  2. Utilise a logging system that is easier to track from not being inside of the game, for example use Slack or Trello as Discord is an alternative but your webhook could be spammed resulting in immediate account suspension/deletion due to API (application program interface) regulations being broken and it being abused outside of the service.
  3. Create a donation service that is original and has not been done before, for example make an avatar editor available for those who have donated or sponsored SimpleAdmin, you could ask for permission to use 0_1195’s Open-source In-Game Avatar Editor by contacting them in the thread post or by direct messages.

Those are just some suggestions and questions from me, I really like your project but it for sure requires some more additions, good luck, I hope to hear from you soon.

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I’m curious what made you decide to use setfenv/getfenv over providing those variables as arguments?


This looks amazing! I love the UI.


Thanks for the feedback! @ioeruea

SimpleAdmin is always being updated, compared to most, if not every, other admin system out there that is using a framework that is ~3-6 years old. I’m always trying my best to make sure everything is kept very up-to-date.

It’s not currently in my to-do list, but this is something that is very possible to implement yourself if you use a package.

Color wheel is on the way! :slight_smile: You should join the discord server (linked above) if you want to be notified when we update.


Just released an update! :slightly_smiling_face:

[#] You can no longer ban yourself
[+] Added :noclip & :clip
[+] Added :fly & :unfly

For those who are wondering, you don’t need to do anything to use the new update. It will work in any new server.


I’ve learned more in their Discord server and the updates they’re doing from the community are great. I highly recommend using this system when it fully releases as it’s in the ALPHA stage currently. :+1:


Definitely a nice alternative to Adonis or any of the other mainstream administration suites. I’ll be using it on a few upcoming projects due to the Packages feature.


Just released an update! :slightly_smiling_face:

[+] Added some more efFecTs to :m
[+] Added :to / :goto
[+] Added :bring
[+] Added :tp
[+] Added :countdown / :timer

Update is automatically pushed to any new servers. If you notice any bugs, let me know in the discord.



Is there any ways to make a command (ex: fly) only for Owner rank?


Ensure you join the Discord server, but for your information you can create a plugin or function using the open source function and program it yourself, or you can suggest it on the Discord.


If you want, I can help you with adding more features into the admin, such as my own Local Player ID system, which is completely unique for my admin currently.


Very nice I would definitely recommend using!


This is definitely amazing :heart: keep up the good work :smiley:

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@OfficialRolly You can do this with a package! If you join the discord server, I can give you a more in-depth explanation on how to do this.

@EngiAdurite We are always open to contributors! You’re welcome to submit your changes/features to me.


Update 1.1.0 Alpha

[+] Give Command
[+] Tools Command (you can also click the buttons to give yourself the tools)
[#] Auto-scaling containers for text and dropdowns [@kinkocat]
[+] View / Spy
[+] Mute / Unmute
[#] Aliases and args command properties are now optional
[+] SetStat (Allows you to change leaderstat values)
[#] A bunch of optimizations
[#] Popped permission levels up a level. Moderator is now permission level 2. (1 is donator)
[#] Fixed BindCustomConnection
[#] Updated all of the official packages to support new permissions

Hmm… Seems interesting! I might test it and might consider using it.