Introducing Rights Manager

Thanks Roblox. Good Update :+1:t3:

It’s wild to me that false claims are going through while I am getting rejected on having literally copy pasted versions of my assets declined.

I can’t say I’m surprised they are having these issues though if we look at the history of content moderation on Roblox.


I don’t know, its either just roblox ignoring me or everyone having this problem but, roblox’ve been ignoring me recently
I’ve sent a ticket before which was asnwered just today? (like after a week), and theres my removal request still pending after 5 days.

That’s pretty absurd. Especially when the false claims are for things as simple as group descriptions and group names.

Who would have thought that those who have real legitimate claims have issues with this system, while nefarious actors are abusing it to take down groups and accounts they don’t like and they have zero problem.

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How do you plan on protecting developers from false reports? You are currently able to steal other players’ games, clothes, UGC items, etc., upload them yourself, and file a takedown request and it will always get accepted. A developer I know stole somebody’s game that had over 100 million visits, submitted a DMCA, and got the original taken down.

Since you are able to copy assets and claim them to be your own in a takedown request on Roblox currently, there needs to be protections in place, especially for established developers who are either verified, or are regularly using DevEx.

Also currently on Roblox, you are able to file DMCA claims over something that would never be held up in court, such as Dev A reporting Dev B for using a patch of grass or a bush. These things would be too vague and would never be held up in court, but Roblox has always accepted claims over something this tiny.

You are also able to file claims for trademarks and brands you do not own and Roblox has consistently accepted these too. I understand there’s a new verification process to determine if someone has the authority to act on behalf of someone, but I need more detail on this. If I claim to represent McDonalds, will McDonalds be contacted and asked if I am telling the truth? Please explain this process more.

My final question is that you currently can’t archive clothing assets on Roblox for copyright purposes. When is this being implemented?

I expect a response. Please detail to me how you plan on protecting developers from this, because to me it just seems like it became a lot easier to get someone you don’t like banned.


Agreed and very well said. There needs to be a tough barrier to entry for these request to be made. These are serious legal claims, and should be handled as such.

If I receive a complaint, I should be able to see the contact information of the person who sent it. Should not be one sided, with them seeing my personal info with a counter notice and me not seeing theirs or who it is, that’s very dangerous, especially to those who do this to gain personal info for nefarious purposes.

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So what is my next escalation step when Roblox is clearly not doing their due-diligence and also saying the only place for someone to bring this up is in a locked section of this forum I don’t have access to? I’m now wasting a considerable amount of my time resubmitting my VALID CLAIM and being rejected when the assets are clearly copy-pasted from mine…

This update ended up taking down my own outfit game that I created in 2020 :confused:

Taken down by @codedcosmetics

You can request to join @AllowFeatureRequests

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Thank you Roblox, this is an amazing update. It is already much easier to protect your IP thanks to this new system.

I feel for those that have been negatively affected by the system, however I heard from relevant parties that they are working on improving communication and I am sure any disingenuous takedowns will be reverted and handled soon enough.

I’ve requested a takedown of a clone 2 times now. Both have been approved yet the game is still online and playable (Game page).

In the documentation of the rights manager it says: “Approved – Roblox approved the IP removal request, and removed the infringing content.” so I doubt there is some time between the approving of the request and the actual deletion of the place.

There was around 3 days between these two reports. Can someone tell me why the game is still up?

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I’ll reach out to you. Thanks for the report.

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It may seem for the first time that the feature is useful and such, but in reality it’s pretty damn useless. 5 times in a row my requests were rejected and ALL with the same reason and each time I changed and tried to help them “identify” the game I complain about. But everything is rejected! What is the point of this feature?! It doesn’t protect intellectual property in any way, or you don’t care about small developers. I do not recommend using it to waste your time.

The reason I’ve been getting all the time:

We are unable to identify the creation that allegedly infringes your rights.

If you would like to continue with this request please return to Rights Manager and file a new report, specifying which elements of the content you identified for removal are allegedly infringing.

To learn more about Roblox intellectual property policies, please review the Roblox Terms of Use.

@nsgriff I want your answer about all of this

My sixth request was finally approved and the content that violated my IP was removed. But it’s still very strange that it took me SIX REQUESTS to get a approved.


When I click the button to send off a report, it doesn’t do anything and I get the following warning in the console of my browser:

The translation key ‘Label.LegalAgreements’ doesn’t exist for locale 'en-US`

Would be nice if pre-submission requests saved as drafts, as I just lost all of the reports I was filing.

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