Introducing: RoHelper


What’s RoHelper? RoHelper is a free and easy ROBLOX Discord Bot. Some noteable features are: Discord Moderation, Ranking Users in your group, Game Integration, and more!, Why us RoHelper then make your own? We make try our best to make sure our bot is online 99% of the time, Updated twice a month, Constantly making sure everything works and smooth.



  1. Will it ever be Open Source??
    • Yes it will be when development is completed!

More faq questions will be added and answered as they come in!


Heres a screenshot of our commands list. Please note our bot is in early testing, therefore our ranking commands, verification api, game integration will be down as we complete the bot to make sure nothing breaks! Big thanks from @FatherMcKinelycmds and his community beta testing our bot in his 3k Military Group His community and himself love it!


  • Discord Moderation
  • Game Moderation
  • Discord Management
  • Game Management
  • Fun Discord Commands
  • Discord - ROBLOX Verification
  • 99.9% Up all the time! (1% is downtime for our fast and quick maintenance, all we do is work our development on our beta bot which when our development and testing is finished only takes a few minutes to transfer our update to all the bots!)

Lovely Screenshots

Over 1.7k Lines (Hopefully when were done at 5k Lines of code!)

Very own webpage (Early testing, releasing soon!)
Features: Live Member Count(completed) Group Member Count, More things to!


Verification - @HmmBilly
Game Management/Game Integration - rblxClans
Bot Developer - @durpdog123
Bot Developer, Web Developer & Project Lead - @DrxpLoxs
Web Developer - @pasdalover
Web & Bot Hosting - (

Notice: We are aware the bot may be buggy, our development team is working hard patching bugs, We are also aware some bots are oddly being slow, Should be fixed now!


Wow. This bot seems like everything. I think I will be able to add it to my server later today! :smiley:

Exactly what I need


uh, Me and the team decied to add a status page on our bot which can be found here.


Discord bot incident has been fixed, ( We switched providers for keeping our bot up and it’s working. Sorry for the downtime.

  • RoHelper Team

Bot is online, Please to make sure our bot is useful for everyone make sure our bot has administrator perms or it will cause the bot to starting having errors ending the bot to go down due to to many errors. Secondly once the bot is invited run ?setup. Need to contact me? Hit me up at drxploxs#0001 or talk to drupdog123 at Nate#1234

  • RoHelper Team

Looks nice, well done on this project :+1:

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The bot looks so smart, this will help many developers for preventing these game issues.
Keep it up!

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Love it! This bot seems like a perfect bot for every Roblox-Discord server, all props to you guys. Really appreciate it, you make this easier for every developer out there :slightly_smiling_face:

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What makes this different to literally every other Discord bot?

Is this node.js? Since I can host node.js without using a software on my device when it becomes open-source.

Can this rank?

I wouldn’t use it at all!

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What is the prefix? 30charrrrr

It was USAR Discord team, and it sended me well, inappropiatte stuff

A few questions

What are you using to host this bot
Why should we trust you with are Cookies?

Yes, since the bot might of gotten hacked.

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Is the bot down or something right now? It seems to be offline.

Also, Why would the USAR Discord Team do that?
That makes no sense.

No idea, but it did…

I don’t know if that was the bot’s fault in that case. But I don’t know much about Discord Bots so I could be wrong.

Well, it depends on whats the bot is being hosted on.

Ah, now I understand what you guys meant. Thank you!