Introducing ShreddedPotat0!

Hi there Developers!

My name is ShreddedPotat0 and I am a new Associate Program Manager of Developer Relations working on programs to help bring developers’ games to regions all over the world :slight_smile:

While most potatoes stay on the couch, I love to keep my body in tip top shape #shreddedpotato. In preparation for summer on a fine sunny day, I was tanning at the beach #bakedpotato but a sudden ruckus caught my attention. My jaw dropped at the sight. A completely red turtle zooms past my right (wait, turtles? fast? I know, me neither) and a head to tail green turtle to my left. I turned around and had to duck from hooks flying my way, a pirate was hunting the turtles!! I couldn’t sit there and do nothing! Long story short, passionate about conflict resolution and confidence boosted by hours of boxing, I ran into the fight and began mediating. Details spared, I came out of the fight a shredded potato.

This experience further fueled my passion in coming up with creative, win-win programs that will open up global opportunities to our stellar community. I look forward to supporting and working with you all. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Discord (ShreddedPotat0#4836) or the forum; I’d love to hear your ideas and feedback on areas of improvement/opportunity!

Until then, please send butter and dumbbells.

Hash on,


truly incredible. i can’t believe hooksmith is so vicious!

welcome to the team :smiley:


A potato has joined us! :open_mouth:

Welcome to the blox! :slightly_smiling_face:


Bonjour and welcome to the team!


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I think I found a picture of you irl

Jokes aside, glad to have you here! Make you self at home! :smile:

Is this a moderator reference I see?!?

Great can’t wait to tell some of my ideas! But what areas of improvement can we share with you? Just improvement in general? Also whats your discord? If you mind sharing :eyes:.

Anyways, Welcome to roblox and I hope you enjoy your stay! :smile: Take some potatoes with you to keep you company! :potato: :potato: and don’t forget some sweet potatoes :sweet_potato: :sweet_potato:


Welcome to Roblox and Roblox DevRel

Cant wait to see, what you do for Roblox.

What’s your Discord? You’re not yet in any of the community (including PA land) –

EDIT: Found the Potato; ShreddedPotat0#4836 691790245305253998


Welcome! Do you think you could leave my potatoes intact? Thanks! (nice tags btw)



I’m really interested to see how these programs effect the new developers and users flowing into the community and the success/game-design methods of current developers in the future - I’ll be watching you :hidere:

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Welcome, ShreddedPotat0 to the Roblox Developer Relations team! You will be great here at Roblox! A Potato Roblox admin, that’s interesting! I wish you the best of Potatoes! :potato: And by the way, I love your introduction! It was very cool! Good luck and enjoy! :potato:

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Great to know the Roblox team is getting bigger meaning more people on Roblox :smiley:


So, we have a :potato: joining roblox.

Welcome ShreddedPotat0. It is great to have you here.


Welcome to the forums! I don’t know if it’s me or my genius senses :brain:, but I feel like your favorite food is potatoes. :potato: I certainly can’t wait for the announcements you’ll write (full of potatoes).

:butter: and smartbell dumbbell (I can’t find an emoji for this)


Best intro of the year! Welcome to the community and DevRel. It’s good to see more horsepower around global expansion. I’ve been working with a couple programs to make my game more accessible to new markets. Let’s do this!


Welcome, lovely to see a new member on the team.


Anyone said potato? :potato::potato: How do you prefer them cooked (or is it baked)? I personally like them roasted in the oven. :ok_hand:

Seriousness now - welcome to the DevForum! We are known to treat potatoes very well… hehehehe


Welcome to our community and hope you enjoy it and all the wonderful things people create here on the platform.

Glad to have you here and i hope you have a blast and accomplish a lot.


Welcome to Roblox! We developers are an odd, friendly bunch. Happy to see a new face on the devrel team!

During your stay here you will be supplied with a weekly salary of memes. The only houserule here is that you have to worship @coefficients. :slight_smile: