March 2020 Recap: Keep your head up

Hey developers,

I know that March followed the shortest month of the year and felt like it lasted forever. Let’s keep our heads up, though! April started off on a good note and I hope that the rest of the world starts to pick up that energy too.

With that said, let’s take a look at the good stuff that came out of the past month.

Updates and Changes

New In-Game Topbar

The topbar is getting a fresh redesign! Take a look at the announcement for more information and screenshots!

Introducing Unified Game Permissions

Thanks nsgriff! Now we can give edit and play access for specific games to specific group roles and collaborators! Check out the announcement for more information.

Emulation - New Custom Device Manager

Mimicry is the highest form of flattery! That phrase doesn’t really apply here, but it’s the first thing that came to my mind. You can now create and edit custom devices for testing your games in Roblox Studio! Get the exciting details in the announcement.

Introducing the Learn & Explore sort

Some beautiful, buff elf announced that there’s a new Learn & Explore sort, emphasizing educational experiences on Roblox. Read the announcement to learn (get it? haha coefficients you’re so funny) more!

The Script Editor

Straight to the point! This announcement is about the script editor. Not much has changed - yet - but there’s a few bug fixes and stuff. The announcement has more info!

Object Insertion Workflow Improvements [Live!]

He strikes again, that nsgriff guy! He presented us with some really cool updates to object insertion in Studio. Go look at the announcement, it’s full of neat screenshots and descriptions.

Introducing Plugin HTTP Permissions

Now you can allow or deny plugins’ HTTP requests! Nice! I don’t want to steal the thunder from the actual announcement, so take a look at that for more.

Configure Group and Create Group now on Mobile


Removing Outlines

We’re going to be getting rid of Outlines in the coming weeks. The announcement contains an explanation of the reasoning and logistics of this decision.

Introducing ShreddedPotat0!

An unlikely alliance and an unfortunate scuffle with a hook-wielding pirate brought ShreddedPotat0 to our team in March. Read her origin story and join us in welcoming her in the announcement!

Notice about RDC 2020

This isn’t exactly good news, but it’s extremely important. While events around the world are being cancelled for the coming months, we have made the decision to continue with RDC 2020 online. Completely digitally. There are more details headed your way in the coming weeks. We’re as disappointed as you are that we won’t get to see you all in July, but your safety is our absolute top priority.

Release Notes

This is where I would put a witty joke about numbers… IF I HAD ONE!

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. April has started off strong!

Here’s a question for you: what music have you been listening to while stuck at home?

Also, happy birthday to anyone who has spent or will spend theirs in lockdown.


Developer Relations


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Everything. I have went through my Spotify playlist of over 300 songs multiple times a day. Any music I can find that I haven’t heard I will listen to. I’m getting desperate. Send help.

Edit: Oh yeah, March had some good updates. Excited for April. Curious that you left out the whole code moderation thing though :wink:


I’ve been listening to a ton of Troye Sivan and Conan Gray on repeat lately.


So there are alot of new changes, most of them were okay, but we should congrats to @byc14 who is now a Community Sage member. (And its great to have ShreddedPotat0 to be part of Roblox)


oh yeah good job @byc14 see you in an hour for the meeting


I have a horrible taste in music. I usually just listen to US Top 50 on spotify.


hey there are some bops in there


what ever Spotify wants me to listen to, I’m too lazy to change the song.


My taste of music is kinda weird but hey, that’s me…

been listening to pop music from 2008-2020, one of which is The Lazy Song, because why not!


Is there going to be a new Loading Screen?

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HTTYD opening, flying theme, basically the whole sound track. I don’t know I just feel like flying right now. Been stuck inside too long, thought today is Thursday :rofl:


my Discover Weekly on Spotify had very… dark songs. They were pretty okay though.


Dua Lipa’s new album future nostalgia :sunglasses: Some fun, uplifting music while you’re stuck at home is always a good time!


I’ve listened to some music on youtube but mainly my odd spotify playlists.

I really liked the changes this month, there were a variety of wonderful design changes.


Aha, BTS. Their newest album, Map of the Soul: 7 is a masterpiece. :relaxed:


There have been some awesome updates in the past month (and heck, in the past two days). It’s like this year’s April Fool’s prank was releasing as many cool updates at the same time as possible.

Music is my coffee, so I like anything that’s energetic/electronic. In the past few days I’ve been listening to this on repeat.

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March was a crazy month, but Roblox definitely made it better with so many great changes! I can’t wait to see what innovations are coming in April!

As for music, this song is now my life:

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So, that concludes March. It’s been a really long road, this month, with its respective ups and downs both around and personally. I haven’t been that productive this March and a lot of what I was originally looking forward to has been either delayed or cancelled unfortunately. While I’m here though, on Roblox, I want to look at the bright side of things with what’s gone down in the month.

As always, here’s my monthly retrospective for March.

DevForum - New Community Sage

Once again, as pointed out by @ColdCrazyGoku, we have a new Sage on board. Congratulations, former fella PA, @byc14. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I was fully expecting byc to receive that promotion. He’s been a helpful individual within PA and getting Platform Feedback requests polished and ready, as well as helping around the forums, such as within Forum Feedback.

Updates and Changes

This month has once again been successful in pushing out a number of helpful updates for us developers to absorb in. I don’t think there was that many for me to rave about this month, but there were still some that I liked. Here were my favourites:

  • Unified Game Permissions: This is a really helpful utility for granular control over who has what kind of access to your game. I remember before, we had to make some strange workarounds for paid access or make games friends only, haha. I just wish there was still cross-setting (groups for personal games, players and other groups for group games) - still a thing I want, and a feature request to support or write up if it doesn’t exist.

Oh wait wow that’s it. I mean, I liked the other updates, but they weren’t my favourite, per se…

Okay, I have no well-written conclusion this month. Bye now.