Introducing: sound library plugin, find sound effects, music and soundtracks for your game more easily and for free


if you never created a sound for a game you’ve probably been looking for sounds for your game in the toolbox but if you’ve already done that you must have spent a lot of time looking for songs, soundtracks or sound effects that’s because most of the sounds you find are repeated roblox songs or the name does not match the sound and it’s hard to find sound effects for your game that’s why I created the sound library

This Plugin has:

  • +130 avaliable sounds
  • Filtering system
  • Studio theme support
  • Favorite audio system
  • Settings

Filter Options:

  • Music
  • Sound Track
  • Sound Effect
  • Creator
  • Uploader (to be implemented in the new version)
  • Time Lenght (to be implemented in the new version)
  • 16 Diferent Sound Genres

Known Bugs:

  • Repeatedly clicking search with PreloadSounds (beta) on can cause lag and create a lot of temporary folders




Update Log:

  • Added 25 sounds leaving us with 130 avaliable sounds
  • rewritten plugin code
  • sounds that didn’t work with “asset privacy for audio” update will no longer be shown
  • new ui with toolbox ui style
  • nes settings tab
  • new favorites tab
  • image when there is no result for your search


  • ImArxis - contributed 2 sounds (0 avaliable sounds)


  • PreloadSounds (beta) - creates a temporary folder with all plugin sounds to load them in advance so that banned or private sounds are not shown
  • Debbug_SoundError - warns of sounds not loaded with PreloadSounds (beta)
Alpha 0.0.4


  • Added 17 sounds leaving us with 212 sound effects
  • Now the library is in plugin format
  • New search system
  • New filter system
  • before we had 198 different sounds, now we have 212 unique sounds
5.0 beta


  • Added 18 sounds leaving us with 230 sounds
  • Now you can add sounds instead of copying the id
  • Now each sound has a specific volume so it’s easier to hear a lower sound
  • Fixed plugin image in tool bar


:wink: thanks for reading!


I actually made a plugin called RoSound that is an audio library with advanced filtering systems and over 90 sounds. You can view it here: RoSound - Roblox.

When using your system, I noticed that many search terms do not show any results. Also, I suggest adding more filters, such as Genre, Duration, etc. These filters are supported by other such plugins.

Also, I suggest changing your sound library to a plugin format, as I expect many developers would rather have a plugin that they can access from within Studio instead of navigating to a game.


I really like this idea of having multiple audio tools, so if someone needs an audio and doesn’t find it in one of the tools it can go to the second option so if you’re reading this and the sound library can’t help you, I recommend trying others tools like RoSound

This is a mistake because I have never done a search system before and I’m trying to improve it, every day I’m making changes and by the end of this week we’ll have filters for: genre, creator, uploader, time and more

my original idea was to create a plugin but it’s very complicated (yes i’ve tried making plugins in the past) but i decided to build an alpha version in a place and then create a plugin version + there are some problems in use plugins as you have to do download it (which is not such a problem) and roblox studio often removes all your downloaded plugins

thanks for the feedback :wink:

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Alpha 0.0.1


  • Search system is working properly
  • Added new sounds leaving us with 30 different sounds
  • Fixed discover tab
  • Now it is not possible to play a sound when an audio tab is closed
  • It is no longer necessary to click “search” after making a filter change

Work on improving your audio upload system as it is an integral part of the sound library.


Looks good, I like the fact you can upload your own audio via discord. New donator!


Thanks for the support, in the future I plan to upload in-game

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:musical_note: Alpha 0.0.3 is out right now! :musical_note:


the plugin version is almost ready, stay tuned

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great i cant wait to see it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


finally the plugin version has arrived! read the topic for more information.


Really nice tool ! I would recommend using this along with RoSound to have the best experience and more sounds available !


cool, the plugin version looks very nice and advanced!


wonderful! the current roblox audio library is terrible in my opinion. the UI is very user friendly too

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recently the plugin was deleted because it contains the link to the devforum page in the description, I’ll try to appeal the banning of the plugin and I’ll be back with more news!

ok. I was wondering why it was content deleted. Good luck!

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Hope you get it fixed! RoSound also had a DevForum link in the description, but wasn’t moderated.

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the plugin is back, it seems that it had been deleted because the form link for uploading sound was not allowed on roblox, but now if you want to send a sound send me a message via roblox. sorry moderators for the link in the plugin

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what’s up guys
recently roblox made a change to the audios (more info in the link below) i’ve been working on a pretty big update for the plugin but i’ll have to think of something to solve this problem, i’ll deactivate the plugin TEMPORARILY on March 22nd since it will be pretty much useless and I’ll be back with a solution soon


luckily the plugin will not be deactivated, I will release an update to remove the sounds that will be private on the 22nd