Introducing Talent Hub Open Beta - New Platform to Find & Post Work!

Because you weren’t lucky. Try again on 15/8/2021.


Is there any reason as to why this is a public thread, rather than something messaged to members that have access permission? It’s a letdown when members of the community that are more active on DevForum in terms of community resources, with no current games out, do not get permission to access the Talent Hub.
Is there any ETA for when this will be public? This currently seems like a godsend to our development team, as we’ve been hard at work for our own game for over a year now, and it would be beneficial for me, as the studio lead, especially as I’ve been actively seeking out developers for a while now to no avail. answered

It’s come to my attention that supposedly for DevForum, only Regulars are invited, which is an even bigger letdown for newer members that have been active on this platform - to bring a point across, I’ve several community resources that have amassed thousands of views along with a substantial amount of users, and yet it seems I still do not qualify either way.


Is there a limit to how many positions in the experience section of the creator page? There are many prominent groups and games that I want to highlight but after 10 entries I am not able to add anything else. Sometimes the character limit on the title doesn’t cut it as I have done many very different things at different times for a group at various times and I wish to highlight it with different entries rather than scramble to explain it in one bullet point.


It says it right in the post, August 15th.

Also, it’s public to build hype around it.


I would love to check it out but… mobile experience is interesting…


does it change when you switch to desktop site mode


No, already tested on both and they both yield ideantixsl results. The three line menu button also does not function at all


this’ll be very useful to developers looking to do work, very excited for the future


I’m very excited about this. I’m sure this will greatly improve the hiring & applying process for Roblox Developers.


Strange. I switched to desktop mode on my phone, and the UI issues seem to go away. Though obviously navigating a website meant for desktops on a phone is quite some challenge.


I cant manage to get myself on the creator’s list.

What do i have to do to get myself on the creator’s page?


How can I beta test the Talent Hub?


This will be a very nice addition, hopefully you will also be able to create some sort of method where developers could be paid securely and not get scammed etc in the years to come.


The account pin is used for much more than a parental pin. Many developers including myself use this as a last line of security to prevent unwanted account settings changes. I would like to see this changed. This also makes it think that <13 can access the talent hub, which could cause a lot of issues and shouldn’t be, which can replace the parental pin restriction.

That aside, super excited to see this come into an open beta, even if I’m not in the first or second wave!


While an escrow service for Roblox development would be nice, it would add a lot of overhead for them that wouldn’t necessarily generate revenue, so I doubt it’s on the roadmap for the time being.


Huh? What part about this says “parental pin”?

At no point was there any mention that setting a pin for security reasons had anything to do with parental controls.

Cool, so I’m going to go ahead and further reduce the already lackluster security on my account so I can see things on the talent hub. Massive miscommunication on Roblox’s end on this one.


I’m very exited! I’ve been on a break for some time simply because it has been too difficult to find a job. This could finally change that.


I have an account pin on my account for security reasons, not because my parents put it on.
Extremely counterproductive to have this as a feature.


This is super exciting! Especially since the Devforum can be really daunting for new users. The Talent Hub looks super user friendly and more accessible for others. Can’t wait to start using it.


Seeing lot of people get verified and the creator count increase, but there’s still not a good explanation of the criteria to be verified. Clicking the verify button only leads to the account settings.