Introducing Talent Hub Open Beta - New Platform to Find & Post Work!

Everyone has access to the talent hub right now. This is a visual bug.


Did I read this wrong or…?


Some people who should have access are incorrectly seeing the ‘Not Authorized’ message, or seeing that a few minutes into using Talent Hub - this is the bug. Not everyone has access though, as we’re doing a phased roll out.


I am very disappointed! What’s the point of all this if you’re just giving access to certain users? I understand it’s Beta, but at least you could let everyone visit and have access to the site until they get an “invitation” and become official members.


Does this mean in the future all you’ll have to do to get verified is send in your ID via the rumored Veratad Verification System?


so are you sending a message to those who have gotten access?


Gotcha, thanks for clarifying!

Could you also clarify what the criteria is? What the OP states seems very vague. Thanks again!


This is awesome, can’t wait for the full roll out! There are so many talented developers and so many opportunities in the Roblox ecosystem that are just not visible to the community!

Our gaming studio for example has 4 full time Software Engineer positions open for a project we’re working on with a top Steam game (Aim Lab)

& we’ve seen more people apply from OUTSIDE the community than from within it!

Can’t wait to use the talent hub over the DevForums, Discord and LinkedIn


I had access about 15 minutes ago but it suddenly locked me out again, is it involved with the Not Approved bug?


Does this issue include verification just sending to the account page and nothing else?

Also is account pin the same as a parent pin? Please clarify.


Wow the PIN decision really frustrates me. Although it may be used as a “parental pin” for some, many developers and players use this incase someone gains access to their account so that no settings can be changed.


The ability to self-verify is not out yet - this button will imminently be disabled in the meantime. There’s more details in the text directly above the button.

And yes, account PIN is the parental PIN.


maybe they are probably planning that for the talent hub when the staff starts to roll it out to users soon so underage users won’t have access to go to the site


If this is turned off, will we then be able to have access to the Talent Hub, or will it be if you turn it off you still won’t have access?


It’s a bit confusing as to who is able to access the site and who isn’t. On my phone, it says I can. On my laptop, it says I can’t. Minutes later, I can access it on both devices, yet when people view my profile, it acts like it doesn’t exist yet it does exist for me, even when I allowed it to be visible.

Would be nice to get some confirmation on this as I’m quite confused.


It’s great, but the pin feature should be changed. Lots of users including myself use the pin for account security reasons, not parental reasons. Maybe enabling access to 13+ accounts only would solve the safety problem, but some people have not got accurate birthdays on their account. ID verification to prove you are 13+ (passport, driving license etc.) could be an idea?


How will verification eventually work? Is it an application, or will all players eventually have access to this? I hope it is reliable, as we already have DevForum Recruitment Posts and I wouldn’t see the point of making this unless it has a verification system/application system to get in.


This is a poor choice, even as a temporary measure. It should rather be based on Account Restrictions than an account PIN. The Account PIN has been treated as a security method for developers in the past. Such as in the Account PIN now required for transferring group article, this announcement acted like this is proper account security. Please consider changing this behavior before this new functionality comes, as many developers use this as a security tool, meaning if we wish to use the Talent Hub, we must disable part of our account’s security.


The #collaboration category will eventually be nuked – the talent hub isn’t just something extra, it’s going to replace this category.


Wow! Well finally, I am very excited to be on the talent hub platform because it is an incredible opportunity for developers. Well done Roblox Glad to see a professional place to find developers. Amazing opportunity for established developers and small new developers. but I have a question because it appears at the top of the Talent Hub page

Thank you