Introducing the "Avatar Evolution" Studio Beta Build!

Also, no idea what’s happening, but I’ve been unable to get it work. Unfortunately the packages you included do not work due to having a tri count > 5000, and my own personal uploads are met with “cannot find [xyz] object” when uploading a custom import with the object as a vertex group? Any suggestions or is this a bug?


Using material mapping for gun skins


I love this so much!
Concrete Study:

Made in Substance Designer


I’d love if there were an option to make the image tile (like the way textures work) so we can make our own seamless materials like in my material extension pack which uses a combination of textures and roblox materials.


An incredible update!! We’ve been needing these for a long time now and the only thing I can think of is… wobbly jello


Is there a plan to have custom textures for voxel terrain? And if so, will it support detiling and tiling and etc for each face? I guess the same thing could be said for the SurfaceAppearance property.


This is not Roblox anymore. How did you set up the bones?


How to we skin and rig characters with Bones? I have some meshes i would love to do that with…


I’m amazed, in future Roblox we’ll be able to make professional-looking games where you won’t even see the difference between a Roblox or Unity/Unreal game.
I can’t wait for this to be released and experimented with in regular studio.
I’m gonna have to learn 3d modelling and rigging, though, I hope there will also be features that will make that easier, Blender seems so complicated to me. o.o
I love where this is going already though, I’ve always wanted this to become a Roblox feature so I can stick to Roblox and make most of my dream games there.


Not Trying to be a brat or anything, but why aren’t dispersion maps not supported yet

| Dispersion maps give textures the appearance of having height |


Don’t you mean displacement maps? You need extra geometry for a displacement map to work (which is probably why they haven’t added it yet). If you just want to have a displacement map, subdivide a plane and then export the mesh with the displacement modifier applied to it.

EDIT: and if you have a normal map you can just use that lol


Capture 121 Why is it so stretched out ??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


X-ray time!

Lol why did I even make a npc with skeleton in it just days befire this comes. Thanks roblox!


Replying to you, it won’t be in days @race_guy09
This will release next year, they don’t have an estimated date YET.


Sadly, The textures don’t tile, or multiply. So, you will either have to Union the part when it is the right size and then put in the surfaceAppearance, or you size it down to a HD size, and copy and paste the small but HD part.


man that animation is amazing compared to mine


Amazing update. This will look incredible with phase 3 of the new lighting.

Before vs. after:


I made a video regarding this topic:
(Hope it helps some people understand update)


Welds should still work for this. The skinning grouping (“skinning islands”) don’t care about joint Active status or anything like that. As long as there’s a Weld, Motor6D, BallSocketConstraint, HingeConstraint, or AnimationConstraint connecting any two parts found under the same Model, then internal bones with the same names in those parts will skin together.

We do this so you can play animations back on different characters with different proportions. If we included the offsets from the orignal rig we’d still have to do transformations to retarget to the target avatar, so no gain. That’s the way animations work today: they store values for Motor6D.Transform, which is applied on top of the C0/C1 joint offsets. This also made Animations more trivially interchangeable between Bones in a mesh and parts driven by Motor6Ds

Because we have this Transform already, and we already do that extra matrix multiply every frame regardless of whether you’re using it or not, you’re not gaining anything by not using it.

Transform is also not a replicated property; With CFrame being a replicated property there’s some extra overhead to check if we can or need to queue sending an update or not that doesn’t exist for Transform. Transform updates can also be deferred. It’s similar to animating via changing C0/C1 on a Motor6D which is significantly more expensive for many reasons.


With all these great mesh updates I wonder will roblox ever replace blender and modeling programs for modelers?

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