Introducing the "Avatar Evolution" Studio Beta Build!

Not entirely as they haven’t got any real box modelling tools in RS, whereas Blender is much more advanced also. So I full on doubt it’ll ever replace blender for me. The new tools are brilliant though nonetheless.


This is one the best and game-changing updates for Roblox studio, think of everything people can make with this! You guys know that there are things such as Gmod and stuff like that. Now think of that an put it into Roblox, amazing how we can do things like this in studio and people can even make movies on Roblox studio similar to Gmod. Yes you’ll lose out on some features but you guys gotta know: Roblox is FREE to play and build, this lets players imagination run loose!


tried converting my old custom rig to the provided testing model. Lets just say it didn’t turn out as expected …


LETS GOOOOOOOO THIS IS LEGENDARY! I HAVENT BEEN THIS EXCITED FOR A ROBLOX UPDATE IN FOREVER!! Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to get my hands on this new stuff!!


As I understand it, the main problem with supporting non-orthogonal/non-unit-length cframes is how they interact with physics and replication. Does this mean shear/scale cframes could be supported via the .Transform property because the meshes are graphics-only? This would be very useful for manually animating the sizes of limbs. .Transform assignment would also likely be more performant because it wouldn’t need to normalize/align its inputs.
A developer could make it so a baby animal has a larger head and eyes just by scaling the bone’s matrix, and this could happen smoothly as the pet grows up. I want to sell bighead potions with smooth animations :ok_hand:

I remember when I worked on weld-based animation systems (before roblox had an animation system) I would need to scale each offset cframe individually to achieve character scaling, instead of simply scaling the root bone’s cframe matrix which is much more efficient. It’s important to look at what an animation system doesn’t need to do every frame to achieve the end result, then remove it from the equation. Perhaps the animation data itself could be transformed for a rig as it plays back, one keyframe at a time, instead of for each joint every frame. This is what Shard Seekes does to achieve animation mirroring (transforming the inputs once as needed, instead of transforming the outputs every frame.)

Having the base pose replicated is an easy solution for problems like delayed animation loading, but bones are fundamental to any game engine and our games will utilize thousands of them in the coming years; They should be as simple and lightweight as they can realistically be.


Can I use that mtehod for all models?

And is it possible to use it with vector colors and material colors? Thanks!

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hi same problem did you find the reason?


@ContextLost is looking into it. I suspect the plugin is using a different version of the mesh importer than the current default Roblox one.


It’s strange sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Be careful also that the bones are not of the same name

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@ContextLost, can we make games and publish it? i think i dont understand the License (sorry if this annoying you)

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Making games using the new features here would not work because the production Roblox Client / Studio builds have no way of supporting these features yet. In the future, you should be able to make things with these features and publish them :slight_smile:




Thx for replying me, but i wonder how i can get the metallic and the normal texture/map of a custom model. Any idea?

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Wet and dry road test.


I like these changes, but I feel like SurfaceAppearances are lacking in two aspects.

They don’t support height mapping, which is used by a lot of materials. Any idea for when they’ll be able to support height mapping?

Also, the textures just stretch out. They don’t act like roblox materials. There should be a way to set the stud size, just like normal textures.


Do these custom materials have to be UV mapped to specific meshes? I just bought a ton of materials but because they aren’t mapped to the mesh they won’t automatically wrap. It would be really nice if we could have them loop like default materials do!

It would also be wonderful to be able to wrap these materials around meshes!


Heightmaps i use for the RoughMaps.

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game.Lighting.EnvironmentSpecularScale = 1
there’s also game.Lighting.EnvironmentDiffuseScale = 1 but it’s not necessary for what you’re trying to accomplish


You need to use OBJ format of mesh.

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Quick question, I’m trying to import HL2 animations but they keep bouncing around like this. Am I doing something wrong?