Introducing the Free Private Servers Sort

Hey there! I’d definitely consider on filling out a submission once we’ve finished this project, really looking forward to seeing how this could turn out! Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing opportunity to enable & create even more astounding experiences through play on this awesome platform!

I’d love to hear your feedback on this upcoming project, you can find the thread here! :raised_hands:


Instead of continuing to make badly-named sorts (which you will later remove because they don’t work), why not try updating game genres? It’d help players actually distinguish between what games they like and don’t like instead of throwing random games in a sort for players to pick and choose which ones they actually have an interest in with very little information shown to the user.

(This thing that has been neglected and is basically useless)


I just really hope this game sort wont be spammed with bad quality games that happend to fit the criteria.


Based on the release of this new sort I feel like it’s time for a re-naming of “VIP Servers” to be more on brand and less confusing to new players.


Massive agree. They worked at one point, but then all of a sudden they were Banished To The Shadow RealmTM, never to be seen again. I’d be ecstatic to see the genre bar be used once again, because now it’s just collecting dust even after being so useful to players that wanted to filter out games that didn’t fit their play preference. Going back to filling my description with tags (aka, bloat), is something I don’t want to do.

Thanks for pointing this out :smiley:


I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but I asked the same exact question on the “Learn and Explore” sort even with 2 of my studio’s games being on the sort.

What are we going to do about the deeper problem? The concept that your game has to be picked to be on the front page or make it there through the other algorithms such as popular or top rated (which is excellent at being highly merit based - though leaves out massive success for mid sized games and mid level rated games just because of the problems with cost of advertising) Evidenced here the game itself does great and sustains a lot more people once put in front of more people

I’d like to see a tag system that both players and developers give to games. Tagging, like hashtaging on social media, allows the centralization of niches. This is going to be very important as Roblox expands globally, not everyone will want to see the same “one size fits all” games page.

The 2019 hackweek project player made playlists would be very helpful with UGC created gamelists to get players into their niche easier.


It’s nice to see that ROBLOX is trying with all possible efforts to protect its users from COVID-19.
I think this innovation is quite useful. Thanks!


Amazing opportunity for role-play games and social games alike! It’s good to see Roblox adapting to the circumstances of players through game sorts. Definitely gonna apply :smiley: :hotel:!/about


Wow, seems like a great and fun idea when we are all going through a piece of history. Thank you ROBLOX for all the amazing features and updates in these past few days! Stay safe!


Great news right there folks. A perfect opportunity to make a better connection between players and people in general.
Keep up the good work!


Just filled out the survey for my game where you can socialise, talk, eat and work!

This is a really good feature as it gives more attention to games like these! :slight_smile:


That is cool to see, I’ll definitely use this sometime.

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Just filled out the survey for my groups new game, where you go on a submarine ride!


Awesome new feature, thanks for telling us, Inception.


2 bits of feedback here

  • Lowering VIP server prices shouldn’t cancel them, only raising should.

  • The minimum price for a VIP server should be set to 0, not 10.


Ah, this is a very nice update. My friend and I have been working on a super cool hangout game. When we saw this, it just gave us a huge boost of motivation to complete the game as fast as we can! This update should help a lot of players in connecting with friends and family. I’ll definitely be applying soon. Thanks for another wonderful update, Roblox!

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This gets a thumbs up from me! This new feature will allow games that are much smaller to be able to reach new heights as more people see this sort.


I can agree with that. Since during a time of crisis, many families are on thin lines and can’t really afford any extra things to enjoy.


Love this idea - brings to light a new type of game (mainly roleplay) that is needed in times like these.

But the way this has been posed and the games that have appeared on the front page showcase bigger, already-visited games that don’t really need such a big spotlight… How about drawing attention to smaller high-quality games that need the recognition? Just a thought.


And I’m also asking the dev relations team to refresh this category with new games and add in a LOT of games, not just a list of a few that get fame until they are taken down. That makes the category kinda useless after being on the front page for a few days.