Introducing Translator Contribution Reports

Hey Developers & Translators!

Coming to you with another Cloud Localization tool update! We are excited to announce that we have added in the ability to view bi-weekly reports on what your translators have contributed to your game. You’ll be able to see how many words and entries individual translators and groups have translated over the course of two weeks and cumulatively since the beginning of the year.

To access the reports, head over to the Configure Localization panel of your game and navigate to the Reports tab. Here you will see a dropdown menu where you can select the two-week reporting period you are interested in and download the report as a CSV file.

In the report, you will see:

  • Overall game translation status for each language you have identified
  • Game translation updates for the selected reporting period
  • Per translator per language translated word count & entry count for reporting period and year-to-date
  • Per group per language translated word count & entry count for reporting period and year-to-date
  • Per group role per language translated word count & entry count for reporting period and year-to-date

As all of you build your games for global audiences, we hope you can utilize this tool to help hire some awesome translators!

Shoutout to the great team that made this update happen: @gpf828 @YuckyBucket @sugreeva @CarefulQuokka!


Q: If I am a translator and group owner, where can I see the contribution reports?
A: Right now, only developers will be able to see the contributor reports but we are currently working on exposing these reports to translators and group owners so they will be able to download and view their own reports as well!

Q: How does contribution tracking work if I upload a localization table CSV from Studio?
A: When a table is being uploaded as a CSV via Studio, any new translations or translations being overridden will be tracked. However, they will be identified as translated by the Developer who has uploaded the CSV file.

Q: What happens if multiple people provide translations for the same entry?
A: Every translation submitted will be counted for each translator. For example, if three different translators submitted a translation for the entry “Shop,” all three of their translated entry counts will be incremented.


Doesn’t a group owner count as a developer by nature of their full access to both the group and it’s games? Group owner should be implied if developers can access the panel. If that’s not the case, does that mean the reports feature is only rolled out for individual developers and not for group games?


While this is a great feature, it’s disappointing that no web interface has been developed for this. Between tracking all my games’ localization and looking at monthly stats, Roblox has me downloading a dozen CSV files every month now


Looks like a pretty great addition. And overall, it might be very useful to check what the translators have done so far for your game, and if they’re doing their work without messing around.

They might mean group owners of translation groups, who aren’t necessarily part of the translation process but might want to check in on how productive their people are.

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Looks like a great way to check tabs on people nd monitor what’s going on both for productivity and the integrity of your game. I’d say I think group owners should have access as well but it looks like you guys are already handling it.

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That’s pretty interesting, if I read it correctly, audit logs but for tracking translators progress or something?


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