Introducing Trusted Reviews on Creator Marketplace

Hey Creators!

We’re excited to introduce Trusted Reviews on Creator Marketplace! This will be a new, reliable way for creators to collect invaluable feedback and demonstrate community-based quality signals for users.

What are Trusted Reviews?

  • Users can now leave reviews on Creator Marketplace assets in addition to the currently available thumbs up or down ratings.

  • Only those that acquire the asset are able to submit reviews. This helps improve reliability and authenticity of the feedback provided.

  • Asset creators can respond to reviews to close the feedback loop.

  • The community can also mark reviews as helpful for potential future users.

We heard from you that the previous comments feature was useful in collecting community feedback, so we hope this new feature enables this in a more authentic way. We would also love to hear your feedback on this first version.

Huge shoutout to the team that made it happen: @unlimitedavocados @FriendlyAdder @ehopehopehope @riddlemasta @stickomega1!


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This is a really nice feature! Now I will wait for it to come out one day for games. I don’t like when I see the game receiving dislikes with no feedback at all except for some numbers changing, and rarely someone in the group complaining or saying something.

And also with the ability to make comments private/public.

Either way, thank you for this feature, I can now download plugins and see what other thinks first before doing so. :slight_smile:


I personally think this is a great step in the right direction for making the toolbox an actually useful asset on the platform. It’s currently flooded with junk, and I think this along with paid assets like models could improve the toolbox even further :slight_smile:


Are reviews that are marked as helpful or unhelp by several users sent higher up on the list of reviews?

And I suggest showing a count of how helpful/unhelpful a review is marked as so it is trusted more than other reviews that could be inauthentic and/or spam.


That is wonderful! :+1:
I would also appreciate if these reviews would be for Experiences. This would help in getting feedback from Players who visited our Experiences and we could create better Experiences.


This feature sounds great! Wish it could be implemented with games to change the dislike system:

Rather than have only dislikes, there can be reviews with dislikes to prevent spam votes and to help improve your game.


Great new feature! I upload a lot of marketplace assets myself so I see this as a great new feature for people to leave their opinions and send some suggestions on my creations!

Another step in the right direction for making the Creator Marketplace better and better!


This definitely seems like a welcome change from the spam-fest that’s previously happened with asset comment sections. Typing here as filler space for the review.


Honestly, such a great feature coming from Roblox. This will certainly point out if the model is safe or not and overall if it’s decent and does its job. I am looking forward to this!


What systems will be employed to prevent the spam and abuse that happened to similar systems like the ability to leave a comment on an experience page. A simple “you need to own the asset” would realistically only work decently for paid items when there’s actually something to loose by just buying something to leave a troll review or whatnot.


Users have the option to report reviews for being harmful. Our internal systems will take this into consideration when surfacing reviews to other users.


Interesting feature!

Will assets that have overwhelmingly positive/helpful reviews be pushed toward the top of the search list in order to sort the ones that are less reliable or do you think that would harm the discoverability of different types of the same asset?


Didn’t users have the option to report comments for being harmful? With such a large amount of users, moderating them all seems unfathomable.


Is there any security in place for fake reviews? I am wondering this, because a lot of websites use fake reviews to get people to buy or use products and in this case if there are fake reviews on a model in the creator market place the model could contain backdoor scripts.

Suggestion, have a minimum account age before they can place a review. For example a player must have an account that is at least a year old before they can place a review.



  • alt accounts falsely giving positive opinions
  • flood negative review attack

any solutions made for that?


This seems cool, fun to see that people can now know how to improve the asset. You taking a trip into the right direction.


It’s a really cool update but we should be able to delete or edit our comments. I just forgot to thumbs up a review and now I can’t do anything about it.



Here’s a bug, even though it says optional it doesn’t let me publish.


This is neat, I hope you will be able to view these in the Toolbox directly too so we can warn about ie. scams.

+1 for this.

Also, consider adding a “Verified phone/ID” badge (or the Talent Hub shield icon) so fake reviews can be recognized easier without limiting reviews to a smaller group.