Introducing Videos in the Marketplace!

This is awesome! I can’t wait until everyone can upload videos. This will allow so much more freedom for better detailed games. It also makes it much easier to make sprite animations without needing to render every frame with a script. Thought I do wish it will be possible to allow the videos to be transparent and and wrap around meshes so it can be possible to make animated characters.

I used one of the default videos and added some UI effects such as gradients and corners to make it look good with one of my surface GUI boards. This is what it turned out like:

This is what it looks like on it’s own.


This is super exciting! I have been waiting for Video frames for a long time and have even stopped taking commissions in anticipation of VideoFrames. I used to create short animated gifs using sprite sheets (you can find a relevant tutorial i made here) but it was a bit tedious although i did have a process to create them some-what quick. Anyways, i hope these don’t cost any Robux!


This is awesome! Though i have a few questions.

  • When will be able to create our own videos?
  • Will anyone be able to create videos for free? if not, what are the requirements or cost?
  • What are the limits for the videos?
  • Are we going to get more properties that Sounds and Image Labels have? such as Speed, EmitterSize, and ScaleType?
  • Will we be able to play more than 2 videos at once soon?

Wow. That’s crazy!

Is the video itself a separate object or is it like a decal? If the latter, does it come in an automatic aspect ratio?


It’s really cool! I waited for the VideoFrame to come out! I’m going to make a billboard out of this!


Cool feature, Just some question

1.As some Developer(s) said, is it gonna be free and how much its gonna cost?
2.In the future, can it be a 2d object video? Because sometimes you need a 2D video?
3.How will the quality goes and the loading time?
4.What type of the video will be. Is it MP4 or something

Regardless,keep it going


Will there be audio effect support? I’m talking about reverb, distortion, and other things you can put on Sounds


Please read the replies in the thread, some of the questions you asked are already answered in the thread.
I can answer some of them for you:
2. VideoFrame is a Gui Instance so you can use it in ScreenGuis, and other.
4. The filetype is WebM, no need to worry about converting to WebM, Roblox converts for you. Afaik


It’d be great if there was some kind of color property and transparency, just like ViewportFrames, and to spice it up a tiny bit, add SoundGroup support for VideoFrames, they use sound as well.

Perhaps sound effect support with the suggestion just above my reply:


It seems you can’t set the TimePosition to exactly be 0. It always jump to 0.0070000000…
Not that kind of a big deal, but it seems like to be a bug.


Alr my bad,but regardless thanks anyway


Correct me if I’m wrong, it seems that TimePosition jumps to the first frame of the video, but still, seems weird.


Every frame in a video will be split up, then I assume some OCR will be running over each individual frame to stop anything you highlighted


hope it wont cost a fee to upload content.

do you plan to add support for screenguis in the future?


A video thumbnail costs 500 robux for a 30 sec video. I hope it wont be much more than that for a video.

Aren’t ScreenGuis already supported? I tested VideoFrame with a BilllboardGui, SurfaceGui and ScreenGui in studio, all of them worked.


sorry i meant surfaceGuis, just woke up aha, i did not know that they were supported ill check that out right now


if you change VideoFrame video id from properties it does not change to “rbxassetid://id” like decals and images do

Made a quick plugin for that bug until Roblox fixes it. Feel free to use It if you want.

Quick advertisement: if you use this plugin, to use It, you must select a VideoFrame, paste a VideoID at the TextBox and press the apply button.


Currently it doesn’t work, but it sure would be nice if the AudioEffects can support the audio in the videos!



Actually such a good feature. Gonna be great inside games like Work at a Pizza Place which use TVs in rooms. A few questions though:

  1. Is the volume customisable in these videos?
  2. Is there a file size/video length limit?
  3. Will there be a seperate program or will UGC be used to roll out this to the public

(Hoping it’ll be introduced to beta list users, probably won’t though)


I made a quick test place to see how well it works

  • It works fairly well but the resolution is weird
  • Sometimes it freezes while loading a Video
  • I have to say that I discovered many bugs (that will be reported)