Inventory not loading and Avatar editor only showing up to 97 purchased characters

Reproduction Steps

To reproduce this issue you need to have over 97 purchased characters in your inventory.

Expected Behavior

I would expect all of my purchased characters to be shown, not just 97.

Actual Behavior

Only 97 characters show up.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Roblox
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


tried to reproduce this by purchasing over 97 packages, funnily enough only 93 display for me


Only displays 93 for me too. I have well over 100 characters.

And somewhat related: your inventory will only show 100 bundles. After 100 have loaded (around 3.5 pages of bundles) it will loop the previous 100 indefinitely instead of continuing to load past 100.

Adding another issue to this,

My inventory doesn’t even load my characters :skull:
(I have around 193)


Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.


Only 74 appears for me - I have hundreds of bundles which aren’t appearing.

For the inventory issue, which may be related, while it seems to use a different API, appears to have its cursor parameter for each page be “nextPageCursor”, which does nothing, and gives the first page at all times, hence it infinitely looping the results for pages after.

If you use the cursor parameter which most paged APIs use, instead of nextPageCursor, it appears to load the next pages correctly.


This is still an issue, and now with UGC bundles this is more important to fix.

Also, the avatar editor is now only showing 33 purchased characters for me, and no more than 67 dynamic heads.


I can’t see more than 50 purchased characters right now


Will there be an update to the progress of this bug report? As per the last reply, UGC bundles have now made it even more difficult to sort through our inventories with this bug seemingly untouched.

As of this reply, I am limited to the 32 most recent purchased bundles and the 44 most recent dynamic heads. Loading past the 7th page of my inventory’s ‘Bundle’ and ‘Head’ sections will start repeating recently purchased items in both categories.


Somehow this keeps getting worse. Right now it’s showing 50 dynamic heads, and only 13 characters.

EDIT: Now I can only see 8 characters. It keeps on diminishing.


Yeah im down to 29 purchased characters showing when i have about 130 if i were to guess


Noticed this a lot more with the launch of UGC Bundles, it makes it super tedious now to put on older purchased packages.

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I am only able to see my 36 most recent purchased bundles now, and this includes 0 animation packs, so I have to put them on individually. This has been happening for weeks and multiple people I know are also experiencing this. Please fix, Roblox.


This is really annoying, hoping it gets fixed soon.


This is still happening, for the past while it’s very seemed to me like the Avatar Editor is on life support on website.


The avatar page is almost entirely unusable for me because of this, I have hundreds of characters and I can’t use them because it doesn’t load at all. Same thing applies with dynamic heads, in fact, I can’t even equip any of the dynamic heads. I just get an error.

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For those of you experiencing this issue, My workaround was using the app. Like if you play a game and leave it without clicking the x. I assume this isn’t a problem on mobile so that should work too.


The only problem with the app is that it can only load a certain amount of outfits at once before rate limiting. I have so many characters/heads that trying to load them all in the app takes several minutes.

To add onto this,

It appears the “DefaultFallBackMood” MoodAnimation will get removed from your inventory after a certain period of time, causing you to be unable to equip some heads that relied on this animation, which is actually a good portion of the UGC Dynamic Heads.

You can fix it by purchasing another Dynamic Head which uses the same MoodAnimation. Though, you shouldn’t have to do this just to equip Dynamic Heads you already own in the first place. Hoping this gets fixed quickly.

I’m not too sure if this affects other items that don’t use this animation, but still worth a look into.


This seems to be happening with hat accessories now too. It won’t load all my hat accessories (specifically at Accessories > Head), only the last 49 I bought load on the web version and even less when I try using the mobile app or PC app avatar editor.