Inverse Kinematics Control Instance for animation is now in Beta!

Hey thanks for the update, and what I meant was there were no Bone instances as in Skinned mesh bones in the chain, just Motor6D as shown in the Explorer. I would also like to use this message to enquire when we could expect to see support for Bone/Motor6D Hybrid Rigs in reference to my initial problem?

I noticed this API change has gone live, however changing the property does not produce the expected result (or any result at all really, nothing changes no matter what value is put into the property)
Unsure if this is caused by it simply not being implemented or some other more obscure issue, I’m willing to provide repro and any other useful information should this be an issue that is isolated to myself :sweat_smile:
Another feature that would be nice to have is a sort of in-between with the Type property that only allows pivoting around an axis rather than full freedom over orientation. I have a vertical handle that I would like the hand to grasp, however neither Position (the hand often isn’t aligned correctly) nor Transform (the wrist bends unnaturally and I don’t want it to be locked to one angle) satisfy my needs.

Really great feature although, I wanna know how to publish the animations. How can I do such stuff?

This is going to make look-at-cursor scripts so much more easy!


Is there any approximate timeframe for addition of angle constraints of IK movement?

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Any plans on supporting attachments as EndEffectors? My use case is that I’m trying to line up the hands of the player’s (R6) character to the sides of a steering wheel. I would like to set the EndEffector to RightGripAttachment and the Target to the equivalent attachment on the steering wheel, yet I am forced to create a separate part for the player’s hands.


Is it possible to have the IK update out of runtime (in studio) to help with visualising what it would look like?


Somebody pls help me out with this

I had a similar issue to this when I rigged a custom model, it seems to be an issue with IKControl or just how roblox handles rigs.

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Will the parts ever be physically simulated/ work with constraints? I am trying to make a dog walk but he is just moon walking :sob:.

Also, please allow the target to be a position Vector3. I find myself having to make attachment instances specifically for the target property.


It doesn’t feel like the arms are bending the way they should on an r15 rig, they seriously overextend.
It’d be great if we could put an upper limit on how the maximum distance the IKController can extend to.
It’d also be great if we could allow the chainroot part to detach like this when the target it’s reaching for is too far since arm IKs are going to be incredibly limiting on regularly-proportioned rigs, since they have barely any arm reach distance


I can’t seem to get this to work at all, I set everything up as the post says to but nothing happens, setting it up through explorer or a script doesn’t seem to do anything. Don’t know if it matters but this is my script.

		IKcontrol.Enabled = true
				IKcontrol.ChainRoot = player.Character:FindFirstChild("LeftUpperArm") 
				IKcontrol.EndEffector = player.Character:FindFirstChild("LeftHand")
				IKcontrol.Type = Enum.IKControlType.Transform
				IKcontrol.Weight = .1
				IKcontrol.Target = mousePart

The first two launches worked, but the third did not. I noticed that it doesn’t always work. Why?

IK Control.rbxl (55.1 KB)

For bending you can use Pole so it bends the way you want. Idk about the reach limit.

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That recording was taken using poles. Poles are also automatically applied to arms and legs, so it didn’t actually affect a whole lot (couldn’t actually tell any difference between using the pre generated poles and the custom elbow poles)


EPIC! Im excited to see how this combines with strafing. I was on the verge of programming my own Character Controller, then the Character Controller instance just got publishable to server environment really recently. Just in time for my first real game release in a decade. We’re gonna take features like this and run with it!!


Have there been any updates to this? More specifically its estimated release…

Getting sick of having stuff like this revealed then it goes radio silent for months. I understand that this stuff takes time but that does not mean having barely any updates.


Hi, we’re still working on some improvements and stability + features that were requested above. We’re hoping to release this soon, should be this month.



I checked back on my test game which has a fairly odd use case. I’m happy to report the first video has finally been resolved with the latest release. Thanks for the improvements before the official release. It will allow me to use it in Nexus VR Character Model on day 1.


I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I did something wrong.
What I expected:

What I got:

here’s the place file:
ik.rbxl (44.3 KB)