Inverse Kinematics Control Instance for animation is now in Beta!

Seem to still be having problems with the pole property doing nothing, has it been disabled?


This is quite an interesting feature! However, while reading a little bit about both of the Roblox documentation pages and the guide to settle the configurations, it seems that I have encountered a bug… If I select the sections Type as LookAt, EndEffector, ChainRoot as one of my body parts, and the Target as one of my accessories, it creates a loop in my head while spinning at a huge velocity:

If I delete the target and anything else, it prints in the Output a warning infinity times until leaving the place inside of the Studio engine/filling up the Target area once again.

Furthermore, this can happen similarly by putting everything in your character’s head… It will go bananas !

I definitely believe that this feature should point out in the Output tab a warning stating that you can only select those that are parts/models in the Workspace class and/or attachments in available parts of your rigs as you are able to choose whichever you want, including services and classes.

(@sg3cko :arrow_heading_up:)


This happens because the offset (i believe what it’s called) of the motor6D is in the middle of the part which causes it to also rotate from the middle. Try to move it to the start of each part with RigEdit Lite for example. Hope this helps!


Will this be able to support constraints like hinges and ball sockets? It’d be a good use for mechanic stuff.

By the way thanks @Rick007110, rigedit fixed the problem!

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…Because you are trying to make your head look at something above your head? that constantly updates? So it spins in circles like a dog chasing its tail? That isn’t really a bug?

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Good afternoon,

Got an issue with IK at the moment.
Using Type.LookAt, weight seems to have a choppy / inoperable transition.

All other Types work fine (as shown in attached video).

Is there any reason for this, or is it something that needs to be ironed out?
I cannot find any related information regarding this, hence my post.

If further clarification is required, just give us a reply.


I mean, it quite sounded so, especially in regards of deleting the target and filling with a class, not one of the character’s body part…

I use IK/Inverse Kinematics a lot in Unity, and it’s pretty good. I’m glad it’s being added to roblox.


I would love to see the ability to add limitations to the rotation to make it look more realistic.

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If smoothtime is enabled (value greater than 0), it seems there will be some sort of twitch movement when adjusting weight starting from value 0 - Please see below reference

Attached with further reference with smoothtime disabled -

was noticing a separate issue on smoothtime starting from yesterday and seems the IK instance not able to reach correct position & orientation when smoothtime is enabled - would there be a chance if the IK instance being updated in backend currently? :raised_hands:

More information: issue seems not happen on mobile devices



Cool! Some next generation for animators who wants to do some animation on Roblox

seems the issue still persist as of today :raised_hands: without the smoothtime property, IK seems to be not fully functional - would there be any chance that it will be addressed soon?

Having this exact issue, any updates on this?

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I have made a separate bug report on forum in hope of letting Roblox team to acknowledge the issue :raised_hands:

I opened the beta features page in studio but the IK Control feature is not there, could someone help me?

The IKControls is out of beta now, so you can use it in both Studio and public experiences. To add an IKControl instance to your experience, run this command in the command bar:"IKControl", workspace)

From there, you can set up its chain root, end effector, and target part. (For example, set the chain root to the player’s RightUpperArm and end effector to RightHand in a script at runtime.)

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Oh ok, thanks!
Now i just need to find a way on how to make a skinned mesh’s head look at something.
This is pretty helpful, so thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome. I think I tried to use IKControls on a skinned mesh once (but it looked glitchy and twisted the bones for some reason). To use IKControls with bones, just assign ChainRoot to the first bone in a series, then the EndEffector to the last one. Make sure each bone is the child of the previous one in series like this (which they will be if they’re linked in Blender):

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It seems that the IK system has issues with Streaming Enabled, where connected bodyparts of humanoid NPCs just disappear after being streamed out and back in. I couldn’t find any errors or logs explaining why.

In our case we connect the upper and lower torso via an IKControl instance to allow the NPC to look at the player, but sometimes when it streams in it’s missing its UpperTorso and everything connected to it. This doesn’t seem to cause errors and the instances aren’t destroyed.