Inverting Colors!


I haven't seen anyone say anything about this yet, but if you have two ColorCorrectionEffects both set to -1 you can invert all the colors in workspace!

However interestingly, this doesn't apply to white or black. So instead you just get funky colors. Interesting effect. Stacking this effect (more than two ColorColorrections) has the same effect of boosting this inverted saturation.

(also if this is the wrong category sorry i thought it fit best)



This one inverts all colors including white and black! To do this simply set the Contrast of both ColorCorrections to -1

And to add more, stacking the effects inverts only black and white! (with some color balance being thrown off i think?)


I don't think someone directly mentioned it, but I remember someone posting an image with inverted colors in another thread.

Its a cool effect though. Maybe could be useful in something.

Also, bioshock. :smiley:


Fun fact: You don't need to have 2 instances of CC to do that. On all of the PostEffects the sliders are there to make it easier to eyeball some reasonable settings, but they're not the limit. Nothing (except hopefully your common sense) is stopping you from setting CC saturation to 20, bloom threshold to 0, etc.


I think I may have just discovered Dark Hoenn...

The colors remind me of this:


You also can set one ColorCorrectionEffect to -2, without duplicating it.


where’s the fun in that


In the -2


To add to this, if you set the Saturation property of the CC to -2, you can achieve the inverted color effect without the brightness being inverted as well:

You can also have both the Saturation and Contrast at -2 to invert only the brightness:


Will definitely be useful one day. Thank you!


Probably useful as an alternative way of dying, instead of just :BreakJoints() (remove all connected parts)