Invisible Block character hiding

Hey, so I was wondering if there is a way to have an invisible block (that you can walk into (cancollideoff)) so that you can still see through the block but when you walk into the block your avatar is hidden, but you can still see the wall behind the avatar. Like this:

(Red being the outline of the invisible wall (will be fully invisible), and only people’s avatar go invisible, things behind the wall can still be seen. I have no idea if this is possible, and if it is, I don’t know how to do it. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, xPro_Do


I’m not sure how you could do this, but you could try to do something with glass. Because things that have more than 0.01 transparency (I think) are invisible through glass. I’m not sure if this is possible but hopefully it helps.

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I found this post that may help you! The author of the post left a file to download to see what they did, in which you could possibly see what they did. Hope this helps, good luck.

Well, the first thing you do, is make the glass off to 0.01 transparency as @Vyoqe said, and the material should be set to plastic.
After that, turn off CanCollide, so the block can be passable, and the plastic material of the invisible block, will help users to not be visible when behind this material.
Hope this helps.

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What do you mean? What I tried when I saw this was added a plastic brick, resized it, and set the transparency to .01 and .99 (two different tries) and .01 you can see the block. I need the block to be invisible and only the character be able to be invisible, whereas the background behind the model/character can be seen.

Change the transparency to 1.

Follow the instructions in the video.
It’s either you put the transparency on 0.01 or 0.99, strangely, it worked when I applied the transparency to plastic material.

I need it where when I walk into the brick I disappear.

Ok, I’ll repeat my statement,
Notice if you have plastic material for a block, with transparency, you disappear once you get from behind. Now, set your materials to plastic, and set the transparency to 0.99. As I’ve stated earlier.

Ive seen a few games recently with this and was confused how but it is possible as its a thing.

Just see what ego moose did for his teleportation thingy where you smoothly walk into the teleporter… do something hacky and hide certain parts of the player i guess when it comes in contact with the part (that wouldnt be as smooth though)

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Use a white glass part with .99 transparency and set all of the players parts to .01 transparency

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This is just what I explained, though you should turn off CanCollide, as I said in my earlier statements. Maybe make the material to plastic, because everytime I test that out back then when I used the studio, the glass with plastic material, always make users appear invisible when they’re behind it.

I cant changed the transparency of the characters, this is for another game that i dont control the characters