Invisible unions

Hi, i was going to release pre-version of my new showcase today but most of my unions on place are invisible.

It looks the same in game, what can i do to make them visible again?

I’ve had this problem before, and for all I know, I’m pretty sure it’s only you who doesn’t see the unions, if you reopen studio it should be fixed.

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Occasionally it’s because they’re broken, but I’ve only had that happen to me once. Reload studio and it should be fine.

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Still not fixed, i tried reopening it 5 times.


There have been many topics regarding this and this is the best solution I could find.


DId you group the unions? If so, when grouping unions they can dissappear, I don’t know why but they just do. I suggest grouping all the normal parts first, and then drag the unions into the group.

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There are a lot of topics talking about how to fix these and reporting them in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs these are called corrupt unions. I’ve linked how someone fixed them below.