Iron Seas Menu Redesign


I was reached for a full redesign of a Naval Warfare game called, Iron Seas. I since have been working with the developer to design a more functional, aesthetic, and cognitively intuitive redesign of their current main menus.


Phase 1 | Planning and Constructing a guide for the overall layout and look.

Phase 2 | Wireframing the first version.

Phase 3 | Designing the User Interface.

I design and make most assets and menus through Adobe Illustrator then I import the assets into Photoshop for touching them up and adding details where needed. All my work is 100% created by me no parts of my UI are ever taken from free and paid resources.

Phase 4 | The Final User Interface.

Comparison Old / New

Before & After

Main Menu (Old)


Tech Tree (Old)


Store (Old)


Additional Information

  • I designed and created every asset used inside each menu including vectors.

  • The UI has not been fully implemented in the game yet hence why previews are only screenshots.

  • Wireframing & Planning is included in all my UI work typically unless small projects.


To see more of my work or interested in contacting me you can find me here:

PictureFolder#5312 on Discord
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Thanks for looking at my newest UI.


It is really good! This is really good for roblox!! I love the aesthetic, very navy vibe here; the blue gradient really tickles my fancy!!!

Keep Up The Great Work!!!

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Thank you! I appreciate the comment.

Yeah no problem, we need more ROBLOXAINS, like you; here at ROBLOX!!!