Irrelevant Recruitment Replies

Let me just start this off with this is a suggestion to everyone who frequents #collaboration .

Whenever I look for any job offers and such, a lot of posts have amassed over 10 replies on topics and they’re bombarded with the following:

‘Whats the backup payment?’
‘What’s the percentage they’ll receive?’
‘Are you looking for a ____?’
‘Try listing __ and ____’

Even though they could message the recruiter themselves and it makes the topic overcrowded with irrelevant posts (even if it’s feedback on how and what they listed on OP).

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When you have questions/concerns about the recruitment post, it is best you take it to private messages. With that being said, I completely agree with this.

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It’s not really irrelevant if their interested in the job, that’s what I’ve learned.


Im happy with people making these replies, so long as they actually read the post.

One thing that pisses me off is when they just see a job has 10% payment and they instantly start ranting about backup payment, and increase in payment. Even if they have a tiny role and there is a huge community backing the game.

You can easily contact the recruiter through private messages if you don’t understand?

There is already a pinned post stating this in the category (PSA: Be professional and selective when replying!). If a poster doesn’t see that, they certainly aren’t going to see this.

If there are legitimate questions about a job posting from people who are interested in it, it is correct and good that these appear on the topic as replies. This is so that OP only has to answer them once and other people can refer to them. Private messaging would be a poor solution here unless it’s a very specific question that wouldn’t apply to other people.

As for irrelevant replies, make sure to flag them and they’ll be taken care of.


Well if someone has a question that’s sure to be asked by more than one person, shouldn’t it be their duty to reply to the topic so others can see? I know i don’t want to reply to the same PM ten times

I mean most people probably have the same question so it would make sense to post it there to avoid OPs dms getting cluttered.

I think what he explicitly means is people using replies in an inappropriate way. The forum isn’t a chatting service and you should try to pack all the information and questions you have in one reply. Maybe the irrelevant part is wrong, but still, interested in the job doesn’t mean you need to crowd the topic with replies.


this is what I mean, was gonna add the part about OP scamming users who accept their offer and stuff but it’d be misread.

I just don’t like seeing a cluster of replies especially over 20+ on recently created recruitment posts where the same question is asked multiple times

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I personally feel, as I have proposed before. simply disabling replies for everyone / for members in recruitment could save a lot of these issues.

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Firstly, you have to make sure you provide enough information so that not many questions pop up.
Secondly, I think people want to put it as a reply so that other people can see and that would be better for you so you won’t have to deal with the same questions over and over again.

(I’m writing this post and realised that @Viztec said a similar thing so I guess this may be better for you)

This could be a good idea, but then again everyone would want to know the answer to those questions.

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